Well designed kitchens and baths add the most value to a house.

So you're ready to do yours.  The kitchen is a nightmare of disorganization.  The cabinets are warped.  The tile is chipped.  The appliances are outdated.  

Your baths are not places of joy.  Everything is worn out.  The lighting is not flattering.  You'd just like to get the most important rooms into the twenty-first century.  

Maybe a big event is coming up and you want to spruce up these spaces to welcome guests.  

Well, I'm here for you.  Let me help you update the most important parts of your investment (your house).  

What you get:

  • A detailed floor plan with all of the necessary furnishings.
  • Selections of all furnishings and finishes:  lighting, plumbing, hardware, all surface finishes, window treatments, furniture, art, accessories...
  • Coordination and consultation with necessary contractors.

Why am I your interior designer?

I've been in business for over 30 years.  I've worked with contractors, plumbers, electricians, all of the necessary hands to get this project done.  I speak their language.  I make the process fun and easy.  And I'm not going to force my particular tastes on you.  No need to fear that you're going to lose your vision to an overbearing design diva.  I will use my training, years of experience and sources to help you achieve your dream.

Who is my service for?

  • The busy people who want a modern kitchen or bath, but don't have time.
  • The homeowner who wants a modern kitchen or bath like they see in magazines and online, but have no clue how to make that happen.
  • Successful people who realize the value of professional services.
  • The person who is comfortable with allowing me the freedom to work my magic for them.

Who am I not for?

  • The person who is always looking for the bargain-basement way to do things.
  • The control freak who won't be able to hand me the reins.
  • The person who doesn't appreciate the importance of  the creative process.


How much is it going to cost?  Please contact me so that we can discuss your particular project further.  Then I will be able to quote you a precise figure.  Generally my fees for a remodel are going to cost $300 and up.

How do I pay you?  I ask for 1/3 of the fee upon contract signing, 1/3 about halfway through and the balance upon completion (before your first gourmet meal in your new kitchen or first bath in your new soaking tub).  Any purchases from me are 50% before ordering and the balance upon delivery.

How does the process work?

  1. Once we have a contract agreement, we will meet and discuss your desires and must-haves.  We'll meet at your home and take a critical look at the space in question.  I'll take pictures and measurements and we'll discuss your frustrations.  An idea file of pictures or a Pinterest or HOUZZ  board is critical to convey your vision to me. 
  2. Then I'll get to work for you.  I'll be drafting and sourcing all of your finishes and furnishings.  
  3. We'll have periodic meetings to review everything.  
  4. We'll take some fun field trips to showrooms.  I'll be working on all of the drawings and documents you and your contractor need to build the dream.  I'm on hand during the process to make visits to your site to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  5. At move-in, I'm available to assist in installation of furnishings, artwork, window treatments and accessories.

Ready to get started?

Cool!  I'm excited to meet you and hear all about your project?  I'm usually involved at least a couple of months out and the process can take some time.  You can never start to soon.  So let's get together.

Not quite ready to make the leap?  

That's ok.  In the meantime please sign up for my mailing list so we can stay in touch.