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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2018

It's literally my job to stay on top of trends.  I always want to bring you the latest in design, so I created this post for you! 

It's all the hottest trends of 2018. 

As I told you earlier in the year, I'm seeing the best of 1970's era coming back and I'm loving it.  The following trends fit in...

The Kitchen Table

It's family time.  Having meals around the kitchen table is back.  Kitchens aren't completely closed off as they were decades ago, but a bit more visual dividers blocking views to the kitchen are more on trend.  Instead of a quick perch on a bar stool, sitting down around the kitchen table for a meal like Andy Griffith, Aunt Bee and Opie is coming back.  I love that!  Who knows, I may start making pickles like my Great Aunt Jessie (probably not, though).

A classic that would fit into anyone's kitchen!  Get it here.

Brass and Gold

We've grown fatigued of silver and brown tones.  Bright brass and gold are full-on back now.  I'm seeing it everywhere - from lighting and plumbing to furniture.  I love this modern take on that retro style.

This beautiful brass chandelier would easily update any room in your home.  Get it here.


Love terrazzo!  If you're not familiar with the material, it is made of chips of marble and granite and glass in a concrete base.  It was invented in Venice centuries ago as a way to make use of marble remnants.  We saw it everywhere in commercial spaces in the 70's, and now terrazzo tile's durable appeal is finding its way into homes. 

And here's another place where brass comes in - It's quite common to use brass or bronze divider strips between the terrazzo tiles.  I love terrazzo, not only for its durability but for its subtle yet unique texture.  Think about considering terrazzo tile for your next kitchen, bath or patio project.

The Fifth Wall

Some call ceilings "the fifth wall".  That's because gone are the days when how to treat the ceiling is a decision given no more thought than the white section of the paint chart. 

We're seeing more color, texture, and pattern on ceilings again.  Beamed and coffered ceilings are totally on trend, as are bold patterned wallpapered ceilings.  

Colorful Kitchens

White kitchens will forever be a classic, but it's not just appliance manufacturers that are moving towards more color.  Grays and blues are especially popular in kitchens right now and other brighter colors are making their way in, too!

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