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5 Things You Need To Get Rid Of In Your Living Room NOW

Everyone wants their living room to be comfortable for family and welcoming to visitors. However, there are some common mistakes that defeat those goals no matter how good you're doing in other areas.  In my years in this business, I have seen these mistakes and I can help you identify a few and easily deal with them right now.

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The Common Design Dilemmas You Face In Summer

Summer is a time to entertain and entertain BIG. When is birthday season? Fall. Guess what that means? Summer is baby shower season! Summer is also wedding season. Yes, it's time for big parties! Is your home ready?

There are a few design problems people come across in Summer that keep them from enjoying these celebrations as much as they should. Here they are and here's how to fix them.

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5 Easy Steps To A New Living Room For The New Year

It's a new year and the perfect time to consider revamping and refreshing your home.  What follows is the first of a four-part series on how to get that done.  Let's start with the living room.  Print this or take your piddle pad (mobile device), fix yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine and relax in the living room.  Take a look around at four key areas that can make or break a fabulous room.

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