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Secrets and Lies - Misconceptions About Interior Designers

There's so much out there regarding the interior design industry that it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.  All that you see on the likes of HGTV is enough to confuse anyone.  I've been working in this industry for over 30 years.  I care about the quality of what you get when you go out to procure interior design services.  It is for that reason, that I want to knock these misconceptions out, and let you know the real deal.

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The 5 Most Expensive (but Common!) Mistakes When Building A New Home

I've been designing home for over 30 years now, and I've helped (and wished I could have helped) many people plan for their new homes.  In doing so, I've encountered some really expensive but common mistakes people make - they're so easy to avoid if you just know better!

Read on and avoid these major mistakes - 

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