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5 Crucial Concerns For Your Living Room Furniture Layout

There's a lot of information out there about how to design the perfect living room furniture layout.  I've been an expert in this field for more than thirty-five years and I've planned more living rooms than I can remember.  You may see a dreamy living room on HGTV.  Although it may look perfect you should pause and consider if it would work for you and your lifestyle.  That's the critical consideration and I've done it so many times for so many clients that it comes second nature to me now, and I've boiled it all down for you into the five critical things you must consider to have a living room that works for you.  

Follow These Steps For Your Personal Living Room Furniture Layout

1.  Decide What Activities Your Furniture Layout Should Allow For

This is probably the most important step and you shouldn't skip it if you want a successful end result.  Will people be watching television, reading or having conversations?  Consider the number of people that will be engaged in these activities day-to-day and also when entertaining.  With careful planning, you can layout the room into zones for all of the activities.  


 2.  Define the focal point or points for your Living Room Layout

The focal point of your living room layout is the center of interest around which the layout will focus.  For most living rooms this will be either a television or fireplace or beautiful view or maybe more than one of these.  You may be fortunate enough to have a large enough room and more than one focal point.  The furniture arrangement will center around those points.  

3.  Consider Traffic Flow for your Furniture Layout

In this planning stage, you must consider how people will comfortably navigate the living room and pass to and from this room and the other rooms in your house.  You want to be certain that you've allowed plenty of space to move through the different areas of the room and get to the kitchen or restroom without running into furniture or tripping on a rug.

4.  Take Inventory

Now that you've determined the activities that will take place in your perfect living room layout and the focal points that the layout will focus upon, the next step is to take inventory of the items that you already own that you could use to achieve those goals.  Think about if the pieces that you own will help you in your plan.  Are they in scale with the room?  Are they useful for their intended purpose?  You may decide you'll need to repurpose some items or buy new.  In that case, you'll need to make a shopping list for the essential items for your perfect living room layout.

 5.  Lighting

Finally, before you consider this planning stage over but before you start the heavy lifting, don't forget to light the room.  You're looking for the perfect blend of ambient and task lighting.  In other words, do you have the correct lighting for the activities in the room?  You should be certain you have adjustable lighting for television viewing and good lamps for reading.  When in doubt, don't hesitate to consult a lighting professional at your local showroom.  

Now that you've got the critical information for your living room layout go here and get ready to decorate your space with this free report.