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From Start To Furnish

Please enjoy my musings on all things interior design!

Do You Know What I Do?

A friend recently asked me who I knew that could help them figure out how to remodel their home to add a bigger closet and update their master bathroom.  

In utter astonishment, I said, "Hello, that's what I do"! 

Did you know that I do so much more than just select pretty fabrics and paint colors?  I do that and it's tons of fun, but there's so much more I can help you with!

Plan Review and Space Planning

If you are building or remodeling, I want to get a hold of your plans as soon as possible!  After an initial meeting where I get to know you, your family and how this new home is going to be used, I want to start arranging the furniture that you need on paper.  The advantage of getting started early is that I might discover some places where your floorplan could use a little tweaking, too.  I can even draw your house plans.  

When I do, I start with what's going to go into the house first.  That way, we know it's going to work for your unique lifestyle.  For instance, if you love to entertain and have large gatherings occasionally, we want to be sure that the rooms can accommodate that.  If you don't have (or want) frequent guests, I can plan the perfect guest room and bath that will make the guests feel comfortable for just as long as you want them, short of moving in.  I want to be sure the lighting is correct and the windows are the right size, that you've got the storage that you need.  All of these thoughts and many more are what goes into plan review and space planning.

Lighting and Plumbing Selection

I help with these detailed decisions that many new homeowners haven't given the first thought to.  I help people decide on what plumbing fixtures fit into their lifestyle and budget.  I help my clients select the perfect lighting to achieve the mood and function they desire.  I help my clients have the best light for grooming and reading and cooking - they're not a one-size-fits-all!

Finish Selections

This is a biggie.  In any room, there is at least one decision for every surface in that room.  What is going on the floor - wood, carpet, tile, etc?  What particular product and color?  What is going on the walls - paint, wallpaper, tile, or a combination?  What finish is going on all of the hardware and lighting?  

There are many so decisions to be made for every surface.  That's part of what I do.

Furnishings Selection and Aquisition

I help with deciding what specific furniture pieces you need to carry out your room's goals.  Then I help source those exact pieces and do the purchasing and delivery or assist you with that.  I also decide upon art and lamps and accessories to complete the picture.

Window Treatments and Re-Upholstery

New windows need new drapes! Whether you're starting from scratch or remodeling, I also design window treatments.  I decide how you need to dress the windows to add to the aesthetic and achieve your goals.  You may need privacy or light control.  You may need a treatment that's flexible for different times of the day or different activities.  I can provide the solution with a combination of hard and soft treatments. With reupholstery, I can also help you revive an old family heirloom to fit into your current lifestyle or domicile.

So many choices, right? If you'd like to learn more about my services go here.  Ready to get going? Hire me for your new home or remodel right here!

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