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Beyond Pinterest

Let me just state this right up front - Pinterest is great... for some things. 

It's perfect if you're looking for something specific that's fairly common, like a recipe or a paint color. 

It's not great for everything else.  If you've looked around for something other than whatever's popular right this instant, you'll know it's difficult to find anything unique on Pinterest. 

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15 Things Guests Are Delighted By When They Walk into A Home

I love reading all the best and worsts lists related to interior design.  I recently ran across an article in one of my favorite shelter magazines Elle Decor regarding the 15 Things Guests Are Horrified By When They Walk Into A Home and completely agreed with all the items on the list.  It made me think of things that guests are delighted with when they walk into a home. 

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I've Got A Crush On Green

I'm so blessed in my work, that I am constantly exposed to all of the latest design trends.  I'm particularly enamored with recent color trends.  Lately, I've got a crush on green.  I've seen some fabulous examples recently.  Here are some that you could incorporate into your life.

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