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From Start To Furnish

Please enjoy my musings on all things interior design!

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

TV and magazines may make my profession look easy and glamorous, but...

Lots of people really don’t know what it’s like to be an interior designer.  Sure, I get to drive around and shop for cool fancy products to place in your home... but there’s a lot more that goes into my job than that!  Here's a list of 65 things that I do on a typical design project.  

  1. Meeting fabulous people  
  2. Meeting with sales representatives
  3. “Wowing“ over new product samples
  4. Taking market trips to keep up with all that is new and fantastic
  5. Shopping for walking shoes for market trips (some fancy ladies trek miles at market in stilettos...sorry, not me and my flat feet and sore ankles!)
  6. Gathering info at the initial client meeting 
  7. Meeting family members
  8. Meeting furbabies  
  9. Writing contracts
  10. Avoiding traffic while placing job site sign
  11. Inventory furnishings
  12. Planning needed furnishings  
  13. Planning for existing furniture
  14. Perfecting color schemes
  15. Selecting fabrics for furniture
  16. Picking out fabrics for Window treatments  
  17. Choosing art
  18. Selection of mirrors
  19. Finding the perfect lamps for the particular usage
  20. Making rug selections
  21. Wall covering selections (this comes right after convincing client to embrace wall coverings) 
  22. Drafting floor plan
  23. Creating a lighting plan
  24. Drawing renderings
  25. Preparing physical or digital mood boards to illustrate design selections 
  26. Presenting design solution to client
  27. Meeting with client at plumbing showroom for those selections
  28. Meeting with client at lighting showroom for those selections     
  29. Picking Baths tiles
  30. Kitchen tiles
  31. Choosing Flooring
  32. Making the super fun stone yard field trip!  
  33. Selection of door and cabinet hardware
  34. Showroom trips in Dallas and/or Houston with client
  35. Meeting with drapery workroom for window treatments selections
  36. Placing furniture orders
  37. Placing fabric orders
  38. Placing art orders
  39. Placing lamp orders
  40. Placing accessories orders
  41. Measuring (and remeasuring):  Rooms and
  44.  ...where to hang art
  45. Having heart palpitations in expectation of everything coming in as     planned
  46. Making job site visits to check progress with contractors and sub-contractors
  47. Mud boot shopping (because you always ruin your good shoes on jobsite)
  48. Long meetings on-site with cabinet makers
  49. Mediating
  50. Crisis intervention
  51. Driving - a lot -  to out-of-town sites
  52. Antique mall trip searching for the perfect piece to repurpose for bath vanity
  53. Phone calls to vendors checking on outstanding orders
  54. Meeting the truck driver on Sunday afternoon to receive furniture
  55. Babysitting truck driver’s toy poodle “Sassy” while hubby and truck driver unload (Yes, really) 
  56. Scheduling furniture delivery with delivery help and client
  57. Delivering furniture
  58. Weeping and uttering never-before-or-since vocabulary over mistakes in order
  59. Assisting in window treatment installation  
  60. Sweating - due to deliveries of furniture and window treatments to job sites in East Texas
  61. Bookkeeping (eww) 
  62. Filing sales tax return (another eww)
  63. Writing weekly blog post
  64. Embracing delighted clients
  65. Arranging for and directing completed job photography  

Phew! And that's on the typical job - sometimes things go even more haywire!

If you'd like to see the fruits of my labor... aka what the jobs look like when they're all done, take a look at my portfolio here.






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