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One Designer's Opinion On The Pink Kitchen Trend

I recently read an article about the trend toward pink kitchens.  They show MANY tips for creative uses of pink in 2018 and... I love it! 

There are black kitchens with pink cabinets, pink kitchens with white cabinets, wood tones with pink, pink and navy, pink and teal, pink, gray and black...the possibilities and varieties are endless.  Pink appliances, cabinets, tile, lighting, wallpaper, furniture and shades of paint color. 

Just think - you can use every shade of pink from the most super pale shade to coral to hot pink. 

The color can be small touches or go big.  Just a bold backsplash or wall color or accessories to a big investment in countertops or today's pink appliances.  (If you haven't seen it, here's the link.)

It brought back a fond memory of my great aunt's kitchen from my childhood.  Now my other great Aunt Dagma was a Frigidaire dealer.  And in those days, Frigidaire made appliances in a large variety of colors.  (I even remember some drinking glasses that my aunt had from Frigidaire that featured all of their colors.) 

Well, apparently Aunt Georgia decided to take a bold move and ordered all of hers in pink.  I can still remember that kitchen.  I remember how impressed I was!  I thought it was beautiful and bold and unique (that's adult me translating 6-year-old me).  My mother's kitchen just sported the avocado green appliances that everyone had then.

Yep!  This was pretty much what it looked well as I can remember.

So, I'm loving the idea of pink in kitchens.  For one thing, pink is a color that is joyful and creative...good emotions when we're talking about food.  I love pink mixed with grays and black and gold.  Now, I would steer away from the investment into pink appliances.  Next year the color will be yellow and there you are with an expensive pink fridge. 

But the idea of an extraordinary stone used for countertops or backsplashes with pink in it used as a catalyst for the design of a kitchen is exciting and bold! 

The legendary designer, Dorothy Draper said the first rule of decorating is "COURAGE".  

A beautiful stone, such as this Volcano Fusion, with dark wood or black cabinets and brass fixtures...WOW...that's the stuff of dreams!

Are you courageous enough to try a pink kitchen but need a little help to bring it together?  I'd love to be a part of that.  Just contact me here and let's THINK PINK!

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