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Please enjoy my musings on all things interior design!

Beyond Pinterest

Let me just state this right up front - Pinterest is great... for some things. 

It's perfect if you're looking for something specific that's fairly common, like a recipe or a paint color. 

It's not great for everything else.  If you've looked around for something other than whatever's popular right this instant, you'll know it's difficult to find anything unique on Pinterest. 

So I'm going to give you five other places beyond Pinterest when you're looking for something unique when looking for inspiration for your design project.


If you haven't already visited the website HOUZZ, I suggest you take a look.  It's a nearly unlimited source for beautiful photographs of just about anything related to home design. 

You can search what you're looking for by room, style, budget, size...literally any specifics.  Be certain to establish a login profile there so you can save your favorite images.

Your Closet

"Wait, no, I'm dressing my house, not me!" you say.  But your closet can be one of the best sources of inspiration for your home design project! 

Of course, what's in your closet says everything about you.  The way you dress is the way you live.  Your clothing choices show whether your style is casual or formal.  Analyze or have someone help give you an objective analysis of colors, textures, patterns and shapes that consistently appear in your wardrobe.  This aesthetic can inspire a decor that is all you and expresses your personality. 

If you're not afraid to take fashion risks then do it in your home decor too.  Add in one piece that "doesn't go".  Add some conversation starting items.  If you're a labels addict, then, by all means, invest in at least one Baker furniture piece, or a work by a famous artist or a Stark carpet.  These are the things that will give your home personality and take you out of the cookie-cutter land.  


Art is a critical element in your interiors.  Choose art that speaks to you, that makes you happy.  Step out of your comfort zone and choose something truly unique.  Those pieces of art can be the catalyst for the direction of the decor of the room. 

A fabulous piece of art can be the focal point of the room.  Go here if you need some help in where to find inspiring artwork.


Even in the digital age in which we live, some of us still like to turn relax with a magazine.   Years ago when I would begin with a new client, I would tell them to purchase a few of their favorite shelter magazines and tear out pages that made them pause.  A collection of those pages would show me what my new client desired in their home...what was their style. 

Today, we're all so computer,  so tablet savvy, most people tend to gravitate to the internet for inspiration.  But there's truly something relaxing and mind-opening to turning physical pages in a beautiful magazine.  Another bonus, mostly the pictures are so much more vivid and realistic that on a screen.


Finally, my blog, FROM START TO FURNISH.  Every week I'm bringing you the latest and greatest in my world that is all things interior design.  I'm reporting on trends, what's in, what's out, and tons of tips and tricks.  So come back here weekly or better yet, sign up for my mailing list so as not to miss a single post!