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Do you love the style and personality of your older home, but hate the challenges it brings?  Maybe some rooms are too small or too dark, or maybe the floor plan just doesn't work for today's lifestyle. 

Well, here's how I helped a client bring her charming 1940's home into the 21st century.

This particular home presented a couple of challenges.  One of the biggest was the kitchen.  As was true to the era, the kitchen was a small dark closed-off room.  You see, kitchens were not the heart of the home as they are today.  I guess the cook was meant to serve a gourmet meal but not show the genius behind their creations.  Today, though, everyone gathers in the kitchen, so we knew we had to fix this.  

The laundry setup was another big challenge.  The washing machine was in a closet in the kitchen and the dryer was in a storage room off of the garage!  What?!  The homeowner had to trek wet laundry across the house and into the garage.  What a pain.

Bathrooms are often another challenge with older homes and this one was no exception.  There was one full bath and one half bath for a three bedroom home and neither had efficient storage.

This sad dark half-bath had no counter space and was a bit of a depressing spot to get dressed in the morning.

And here's the full bath.  Again with no counter space.

Finally, the homeowner had recently inherited an interesting piece of furniture that she wanted to give a special home.  It was a hall tree, and she wanted to put it in the entrance, but the entrance was simply too small to accommodate it.  It would've taken up the entire room.  It was a cool piece of furniture, but she didn't want guests to have to climb over it to get into her house.

I proposed taking a wall down in the kitchen to open up that room and make it a friendlier space.  I also wanted to lengthen the pantry area and rearrange everything in there to allow space for the washer and dryer to be side by side.  

I wanted to get another shower in the half bath and design better storage in both.  

Also, I recommended taking out the wall between the entrance and living room, thereby allowing room for the beloved hall tree.  

The homeowner was on board with my ideas, so we jumped in.  The kitchen wall came down and the pantry was elongated.  That dark entry was opened up into the living room and a fresh coat of apple green paint on the hall tree brightened it for a welcoming entry addition.

After several attempts at plans for adding a shower to the half bath, we decided to add better storage and decor for a more efficient half bath instead.  Bright wallpaper and lighted mirrors now adorn that room for a beautiful dressing area.  (And the other bath received a complete makeover also.)  

With structural tasks completed, we finished with wall coverings, furniture planned specifically for the living room, and updated lighting throughout the home. 

We upgraded the kitchen with stone countertops, new appliances, and lighting.  We gave the kitchen an easy maintenance vinyl plank floor that coordinates beautifully with the original wood floors in the rest of the house.  

With all of these changes in place, this family now has a beautiful modern home within a charming vintage shell.  They don't have to lug wet laundry across the home.  When they entertain, they now have a beautiful big bright kitchen where all guests can comfortably gather.  Baths are bright and efficient.  The cherished heirloom holds a special spot to greet guests in a brighter bigger entry to boot.  

I love these types of challenges - working out the right solutions just lights me up.  I've done it time and time again.  If you've got some of your own challenges and want to see some other of my solutions, jump to my portfolio here.  There you can see a small master bath made new, a business office re-designed to accommodate a growing firm, and many more.