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From Start To Furnish

Please enjoy my musings on all things interior design!

The Ten Minute Fix

Is your home a little drab and tired?  Is it lacking the homeyness you so desire? 

Maybe time nor budget allows for a complete overhaul right now - do not despair.  Not everyone needs to completely overhaul their house all the time. 

I'm going to give you some ten minute fixes that you can incorporate TODAY to be a little happier at home.



Decluttering is probably the easiest and most empowering task you can undertake to make a big difference with just a little effort.  Don't make it so overwhelming that the thought of doing it scares you.  Just do one area... the area that makes you saddest.  Take that space and brutally get rid of anything that doesn't bring you joy.  One of my favorite quotes is from the famous architect, William Morris who said 

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

If you think of those words as you tackle your decluttering, the result will make you feel so much better, you may just want to tackle another space.


Frame A Special Photo or Piece of Art

My clients purchased this art on a vacation because it reminded them of the place where they traveled.  We had it framed and gave it this honored location and it was the inspiration for the design of the room.

Do you have a portrait or snapshot of a loved one or a fond memory that just warms your heart every time you look at it?  Or maybe you've got a great piece of art you purchased while traveling that reminds you of a favorite vacation. 

Pull those items out of the dusty closet, have them reprinted and enlarged if necessary and have them nicely framed.  Then, give them an honored position in your home that every time you pass by - it will never cease to make you smile.

In our home, I've taken old black and white photos of family members and made a gallery down the hallway towards our bedroom.  Those pictures bring back fond memories and have become the catalyst for many fun conversations with visitors to our home.

For example, if you know me at all, you know of my admiration for Donny Osmond.  I've been a fan for about 45 years.  (Yep, Donny and I are getting on in years.)  Three years ago, dear husband bought me "meet and greet" tickets to Donny's show in Las Vegas for my Valentine's Day gift.  I was excited and terrified all at once.  When the moment finally arrived, the photographer snapped some cute pics.  Am I going to hide those once in a lifetime memories away in a drawer?  No way!  Call me "Silly Jilly", I don't care. 

It makes me happy and that's what home is about.

That being said, JR and I are in a current pursuit towards minimalism.  (There's that de-cluttering again!) We had a lot of framed photos around that didn't particularly bring us joy.  They were in a frame so we stuck them on a shelf.  No more!  We took them down, and out of the frames, then we scanned them and threw them away.  The few that are still favorites, but we just didn't care to let them continue to collect dust on a shelf are part of a computer file that became a screensaver on our computers and television.  


Add Flowers

I'm not a florist and these did not come out of our garden - they're from the grocery store.  Yet these simple flowers arranged easily in my Mother's favorite vase brightened our living room for a party.

It's Summer and the flowers are blooming!  Brighten up a room quickly with a vase of fresh flowers.  Bringing a little of the beauty of nature from the outside to the inside is sure to improve your mood.

Also, remember to add a little vase of your prized blooms in the guest room when the Summer visitors come to stay. This tiny touch always makes guests feel extra-welcome.



Restyle a Surface

When you moved into your home, you probably carefully arranged accessories on your coffee table and mantle - and you probably haven't paid much attention to them since.  Well, tackle one of those areas.  Take everything off, toss what you don't love and redo it.  It'll make the room feel all new - and it doesn't need to cost a dime.

Ready for more?

If your house needs more than a ten-minute fix, you know who to call!  Click here for my services and we can get started.