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I've Got A Crush On Green

I'm so blessed in my work - I'm constantly exposed to all of the latest design trends.  

I'm particularly enamored with recent color trends. I have lots of color crushes.  (Here's a post about my crush on purple.)  Lately, I've got a crush on green.  I've seen some fabulous examples recently.  If you love green, here are some ways that you can incorporate a touch of it into your home without looking like Kermit moved in.

Green Leather Scrapbook/Photo Album

Summer and wedding season is coming up.  Pick up this beautiful green leather scrapbook for the bride and groom for their honeymoon memories.  Or for Mother's Day for the big trip to Europe Mom's been planning.  What a memorable gift!  Come to think of it, I may just have to have one for our upcoming anniversary vacation.  

Light Green Area Rug

I'm loving all of the bright colors in this rug -they're so on-trend right now.  Not only the bright green background but the reds and blues and golds would make it a classic in almost any decor style.  Choose this rug for a traditional design meets modern colors aesthetic.

I've Got A Crush on Green Lovebirds

Speaking of crushes and wedding season and all things love, jade is the traditional 35th-anniversary gift.  So grab this jade lovebirds sculpture for the 35th-anniversary celebrators in your life (especially if that's you and your lovebird).

Limited Edition Hand-Glazed Vase

As these pieces are hand done - there's beauty in the uniqueness of each piece.  At 10.5" tall, it's no dinky piece! One or more would make an artistic presentation on anyone's mantle or dining table.  Grab these for stunning spring and summer floral arrangements.

I've Got A Crush On Green Lamb Pillows

I've been seeing lamb pillows in just about every color lately.  They're an on-trend accent for any design style.  Get one of these just for a touch of green texture to your sofa or bed pillow collection.

I've Got A Crush On Green Earrings

I've got to be honest, I didn't even know Drew Barrymore was a jewelry designer, but I'm digging these kind-of retro styled gold and green earrings.  I've got a crush on green retro earrings.  You'll be the talk of this Summer's soiree wearing these.  

I've Got A Superlative Crush On A Green Mule

Oh my!  Move over, Miss Piggy!  Kermit's mine in these!  Super comfy AND stylish block heel green suede mule with green feather pom.  A must-have this season.

(FYI, these items are affiliated with my pocketbook.  If you click and purchase, I get a small stipend.  After all, I've got to purchase that scrapbook and the earrings and the mules and...)

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