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When To Splurge And When To Save When Building A House

Building a house can be a daunting task.  You have to budget for lots of different elements.  (And I assure you, you will go over-budget.  It never fails.)  But have no fear, I'm going to let you in on a little secret -  you don't have to splurge on everything in order to have a fabulous home. 

Here are three ways to save when building a home and three places where you should splurge in order to be happy in your house long term.  

Where To Splurge


For longevity, a beautiful aesthetic and resell value, maximize your use of permanent hard surface flooring.  Nothing adds luxury quite like wood, stone or porcelain tile.  If you're going for tile, be certain to use porcelain rather than ceramic for its strength and durability.  You can also get the look of a beautiful wood floor with half the maintenance with a premium vinyl plank.  

The timeless beauty of original wood floors in my clients 1940's home.

Stunning vinyl plank flooring in my clients home.

LED Lighting

LED is the latest and greatest in lighting.  Instead of adding a yellow or grey cast, colors stay beautifully true.  It will cost you more in the beginning but will save a lot of money in the long run - it's much more energy efficient and the bulbs last for years and years.


Splurge on the kitchen for your family's enjoyment, timeless appeal, and major resale value.  Granite or quartzite countertops are both durable and beautiful.  Quality custom cabinets can be designed especially for your needs.  While you're at it, shop for luxury appliances with all of the bells and whistles to please the chef in the family.

Where To Save


You can save on furnishings (furniture, rugs, and accessories) by having a planned, detailed list of what you will need and budgeting for the items on that list from the beginning.  All too often, new homeowners get excited about having all the luxuries in their new home without a plan for furnishing it.  Then when it comes time to move in, the budget is shot for furniture and appointments!  A well thought out plan (especially from your favorite interior designer!) can help avoid that disappointment.  


Yes, I mentioned countertops in where to splurge and I stand by that.  Definitely use luxurious materials here, but get the most out of the slab!  When you select the material for the kitchen or for the master bathroom, think about the laundry and the other bathrooms that probably will have smaller counters.  You may be able to use the same material in those other spaces - thereby eliminating waste and saving BIG.  

The Plan

A well thought out floorplan is one of the best ways to save!  A simple plan that is designed for your family and their needs while keeping the square footage down will save you more money than anything - it will continue to help you save for years to come by keeping utility costs low, too. 

If all of this still seems a little overwhelming, contact me and I'll be tickled to help you plan the home of your dreams. Whether you'd like assistance from start to finish, or even just with the furnishings at the end, I've got a service for that.