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The Do's and Don'ts of Decor From Schitt's Creek

Hubby, JR, and I watch a lot of movies and television.  We love several of the Netflix series, Schitt's Creek being among our favorites.  If you've never watched it, and you like comedy, I highly recommend it.  In a nutshell, it's about the uber-wealthy entitled Rose family consisting of the husband and wife and a grown son and daughter who lose all of their money and move to the small town of Schitt's Creek and live in the local seedy motel.  It's funny, you've got to see it.  We're excited about the fourth season starting soon.

So to honor the fourth season, I decided to write this week about how the sets of movies and television influence all of us.  Sometimes the sets are so fabulous, they take place in fabulous homes, that I want to watch the movie just to appreciate the architecture and interiors.  And sometimes, as is the case with Schitt's Creek, they are purposely bad to help set the scene.  There are many wonderful places in the town of Schitt's Creek, from Bob's Garage, Rose's Apothecary to The Blouse Barn.  Here's an article I stumbled upon about the star and creator of the show, Daniel Levy's inspiration for the interiors of the motel.  Also while doing research for this article I was subtly seduced to buy a t-shirt, but I digress.  Let's study the interior design in the little burg of Schitt's Creek.

That Turquoise Wall

Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) and David Rose (Daniel Levy) relax in their motel room.  

Benjamin Moore's Galapagos Turquoise is a perfect tone for a bedroom.  I recently used it as an accent on a kitchen island.

In the above-referenced article, Mr. Levy explains that he was searching Pinterest for a mid-century aesthetic for the rundown motel.  The turquoise color selected to soften the brick wall behind the bed fits right into that theme.  As I've discussed previously, cool colors (blues and greens) are perfect for bedrooms as they are relaxing colors.  So good job, Mr. Levy!





Moira's Wig Collection

The eccentric Moira Rose, a former successful soap opera star, relies on her designer wardrobe and wig collection to stand out among the other residents of Schitt's Creek.  But the wigs are hanging on the walls of her and Johnny's motel room.  Aside from the many other reasons I'd have trouble sleeping in that room, I'd have trouble with all of those wigs. 

We all have collections and sometimes finding a way to store or display them can be a challenge.  Moira, let's figure out a better way to store your beloved wig collection.

Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) and Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) try to have a serious conversation in the midst of Moira Rose's (Catherine O'Hara) wigs.

You can get this lovely storage box here, and it's even in Moira's signature black and white.

Mayor Roland and Jocelyn Schitt's House

Ok, Jocelyn, I love pink as much as you, but a little goes a long way.  I want to remodel Jocelyn's kitchen.  Maybe new cabinets are not in her budget, but as long as they are in good condition, they could certainly be refinished or repainted.  And let's paint the walls a little more appetizing shade.  Here's an interesting article about good kitchen colors and there's even a better shade of pink.  l also want to get rid of the drapes.  The drapes above the Alexis would say "eww".  A maintenance nightmare!

The Drapes Are Too Short

It seems the drapes in every location in town are stopping halfway down the wall.  Drapery lengths have varied over the years as much as skirt lengths.  It does seem in the midcentury, it was the style to stop them short, but no more.  In the eighties, drapes that "puddled" was a popular style.  It was very elegant, but a bit of a maintenance nightmare.  You had to lift them and re-puddle them every time you cleaned the floors.  Some people didn't get it.  We lived in Nashville then and my drapery workroom friend told me that Garth Brooks insisted that his interior designer have the drapes rehemmed as they were "too long".  Today, Janet and I usually design the drapes about an inch off of the floor or with a slight break; like a gentleman's pant leg.

The Cafe Tropical

You have to love The Cafe Tropical with its too-huge menu that offers just about any item you could possibly want to its appropriate tropical print wallpaper with coordinating vinyl booths with electrical tape covering the tears.  It's designed to take the local townspeople out of their humdrum lives for a bit.  

I call "good job" on the tropical print wallpaper.  Wallpaper is in style and especially in bold leaf prints.  I'm in love with this Thibaut leaf printed grasscloth.  It would be stunning in an entry or powder room.

Thibaut's West Palm grasscloth in Emerald Green.

I wouldn't sit on that carpet if I were them.

If you've got any thoughts on the decor of Schitt's Creek or other tv or movie sets, I'd love to hear them.  Join me on my Facebook page, where I'm always sharing fun and inspirational interior design stories.