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What To Add In Now To Get A Jumpstart On 70's Decor

The mid-century modern aesthetic that has been popular since the Madmen series, is now evolving into a popularity of the 70's era style.  Everything comes back around and so it is with the boldness of the 70's.  A recent article I read called for a trend towards maximalism as opposed to minimalism.  Maximalism describes the 1970's decor style.  Bold patterns and mixing of patterns and textures are part of that look that is making a resurgence.  Bright colors and terracotta are trends that harken back to the days of my youth that are once again on the scene.  Some might call it Boho, but I think it's more sophisticated than what I think of Boho.  Tomayto, tomahto, whatever you call it, maybe because it's my era, I'm loving it.  If you're not certain exactly how to get on this bandwagon, follow along.  I've curated a list of items that you can click and buy right now to get a jumpstart on this style in your own home.


Real plants, not artificial that we fell upon in the 1980's.  People are going back to house plants and in plant hangers.  If you're not comfortable with the greenness of your thumb, PLEASE don't resort to artificial, just add the look in fabrics.  Plant patterns are part of the bold patterns reminiscent of the 1970's.


I love this cute leaf embroidered pillow!  And his inexpensive price is a painless way to add just a touch of 70's inspired plant pattern.


I keep saying it, but it bears repeating, wallpaper is in!  And wallpaper is the perfect way to get the 1970's vibe in your home.  The bold patterns so popular during this era are back and can make such a dramatic statement in any room from the powder room to the dining room.  Of course, grasscloth was popular in the 70's and has remained in style.  It's rich timeless appeal has never really gone out of style.  


Macrame is part of that natural textural appeal of the 1970's style and was all the rage in the 70's and it's coming back in wall hangings and plant hangers.  They're better made and more sophisticated and not just for dorm rooms.  You can add a small one to an art grouping or for a soft accent on it's on to just about any room.  


This small macrame wall hanging could be at home among a grouping of other art or adding a touch of 1970's to a small space.


I have been seeing so much velvet upholstery at my market trips and shelter magazines.  Back in the 70's a lot of people had some really funky velvet sofas, but the velvet of today is extra-soft in a myriad of bright colors that are all the rage now.  Velvet chairs add another level of a luxe feel to a formal dining room.  A velvet chair or sofa or just an ottoman in a glorious jewel tone can bring just the right touch of the glam of the 70's to your home.

swivel chair.jpg

Get this hip velvet butterfly chair in this bright orange or purple or turquoise to add that 70's vibe to your home or office now!  Extra added bonus...also comfy!

Brass and gold in the Global Views showroom at Las Vegas market last month!

Brass and Gold

No! Don't say it!  Brass is back!  Yes, it is.  And gold.  And I'm loving it with any decor.  Mixed with black, brass and gold finishes make a big impact in any room.  A true sophisticated timeless appeal.  I was awe-struck by some of the chandeliers that I saw at my recent trip to Home Furnishings market in Las Vegas.

brass lamp.jpg

This modern bronze lamp with brass accents and linen shade can add just the right touch of 70's to your living room.














Cute and super-soft faux fur throw pillows for sofa or bed.  

No self-respecting 1970's decor would be complete without a touch of shag.  But it's not the wall kind that I had in hot pink back in the day.  You had to rake your way out of the room.  Just add that touch of super-soft texture under your tootsies with a beautiful shag rug.  Or just a shaggy pillow will add a little of the texture on your sofa along with your embroidered leaf pillow.


Get this beautiful 2" thick navy and ivory Moroccan pattern shag rug to add modern shag to your groovy pad.

If you love these items, click and grab them now!  And I want to see how your hip 1970's pad looks.  Send pics.  If you want to see more of this style, be sure and check out my Pinterest board.  If you need more help pulling it all together reach out and I'd love to help you bring it to life.