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These Trends Need To Die

Some elements of interior design are timeless.  Natural stone surfaces, fine oriental rugs, wherever they are used, will stand the test of time.  Other trends, however, not so much.  These trends are played out and need to go bye-bye quickly. 


Please!  I know that Joanna Gaines has been really popular.  And I know that she kind of brought in this trend.  She mainstreamed shiplap, which has historically been used as a common inexpensive siding on barns and similar structures.  Joanna brought shiplap indoors and everyone went nuts over it.  It has its place, barn siding, but bye-bye shiplap in nice homes.  If you see shiplap inside a home now, it screams 2016 or 2017.  I don't think anyone wants their home stuck in a time warp.

I somewhat understand the appeal.  It's a struggle to add some texture and interest to the walls instead of plainly painted sheetrock.  I'm with you there.  Instead of making your home look like the side of a barn, why not consider instead wallpaper.  A beautiful grasscloth wallcovering will add timeless texture and style.  A beautiful pattern will add the uniqueness that all those Joanna Gaines homes can't come close to.


What?  I'm not sure how this trend came about.  Joanna trying to make everyone's homes look like a stylish barn.  Or bringing the industrial loft style into any and every decor.  I'm not sure how it started, but please make it stop.  Maybe it has its place, once again, a barn, but it does not belong everywhere, it cheapens the look of an interior and I'm hoping we'll see that overuse of a trend go away,

Do the door that fits the style of your home.  If your floorplan doesn't allow for the space of a door swing, consider a pocket door or maybe just an open doorway.  Anything except making your home feel like Old Lady Leary's cow's home.


Rose gold has been all the rage for some time now in everything from jewelry to phones.  And while, I'm a pink girl and kinda love my rose gold earrings and Iphone, I'm pretty darn happy pink metals in interiors are on their way out.  I saw plenty of pink metal tables and pink metal frames on sofas and chairs at market last year.  

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Instead sophisticated golds are now completely in style.  Delta Faucets calls it "Champagne Bronze".  Kohler calls it "French Gold" or "Moderne Gold".  Whatever you call it, it's sophisticated and stunning. 

If you want to see a collection of timeless trends, follow this Pinterest board.

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