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From Start To Furnish

Please enjoy my musings on all things interior design!

My Manifesto

Some people believe that any designer can do any job.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  My designs are not for everyone.  What follows is what I believe about design.

I Believe That Homeowner's Building A New Home Can Save Stress By Having An Experienced Designer Beside Them From Planning To Move-In

Building a custom home is an exciting endeavor, but can also be riddled with stress.  I have helped so many clients make this experience less stressful and even lots of fun.  The design and building industry is not your area of expertise.  You need someone along the way who's been there and knows what to expect and what to consider. 

I Believe That A Clean And Simple Design Make For A Comfortable Living Environment

All of our lives are riddled with everyday stressors.  Work, the news, raising children...are just a few things that add stress to our daily lives.  I am passionate about the home being a respite to escape the noise of life.  A clean, simple and efficient design creates an ambiance of rest and relaxation.

I Believe In The Value Of Experience

I have been in the interior design business for over thirty years and have worked on dozens of projects and as many clients.  My designs are unique and as individual as the people who inhabit those spaces.  Whatever might come your way during your project, most likely, I've seen it and done it.  That kind of experience is invaluable when you are undertaking such an important endeavor.  My experience can save time, money and stress.

Thanks for checking out my manifesto.  I hope that you think of me when you get ready to embark upon a big remodel or new construction project.  If you want to see designs that I've done specifically for the interests and lifestyles of many clients, please check out my portfolio.

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