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HGTV Isn't Real

I've been writing this blog for a while.  I've been in this industry for 35 years and although I love giving y'all tip and tricks, I love my job, and I love the people I work with, there is one thing that grinds my gears, and that is comparing real-world designers to HGTV.  

HGTV is a four-letter word.

Reality TV?  HGTV?  No.  Don't mean to burst your bubble, but HGTV isn't real!  No good design happens in a half hour.  The stuff you see on screen isn't real. Chip and Joanna didn't make that person's dream come true for $10,000.  I know - you're shocked and sad, but it didn't happen.  

There's No Way They Make This Magic Happen In Three Days

There is no way that anyone is having their master bathroom completely remodeled in three days. UNLESS..they've got a crew hired by a television show wearing t-shirts advertising their business and have been promised the moon if they work 24/7 for free to make this magic happen.  Over those three grueling days there are more people scrambling and losing sleep and using some "creative" language than the nice folks you see on the show.  There are no time delays or contractor conflicts with other projects.  These people are the elves that have agreed to make it happen OR ELSE.

There's No Way The Magic Is Magically Happening Under Budget

Yeah, that's some real magic there.  The homeowner tells the shiny superstar designer their dream and their tiny budget and superstar designer says "no problem".  The networks work deals with vendors and tradespeople to advertise their products for little to no money.  The budget is not real!  There is so much they don't tell you.  They don't tell you the surprises they found when they started demolition.  They don't tell you that there wasn't enough of material A, so they had to bump up to the pricier material B. They don't tell you that of COURSE, the tradesman went over budget to fix things (because he deserves to get paid for his hard work, too). Those are the little unexpecteds that inevitably happen on any remodel.

Just Because Superstar Designer is Doing It Doesn't Make It Good.

I don't often watch HGTV, but the few times that I have, I haven't been that impressed with the outcome.  I don't see that it addressed the uniqueness of the homeowner. It usually just looks like they redressed the room. PHEW. There, I said it.  Next time you watch, see if you don't agree on this one.

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