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How To Get Over House Envy

House envy is a real thing.  You know the friend you have with the perfect home?  The one that looks like something right out of a magazine or television show or HOUZZ?  It looks always camera ready for any event - how does she DO THAT?  Each time you visit, you're so distracted for the search for something out of place you have a hard time focusing on the conversation.  You just wonder - why can't your house look this way?  

If you've experienced any of these emotions, then you, my friend, have "house envy".  

That's okay because I am here to help you solve that problem step by step.

#1 - Identify

Step one is to identify what it is about your friend's home that makes you so envious.  

  • Is it light and bright and airy?
  • Is it warm and cozy?
  • Is it clean and modern?
  • Does it respectfully honor unique antiques or family heirlooms?
  • Is the layout just right for your friend's lifestyle?

#2 - Source The Solution For Your Home

Whatever it is you find yourself feeling jealous over, there IS a solution. 

Lighting problems can easily be solved at your local lighting showroom with the aid of the specialist there.  Ask about upgrading to LED.  It renders colors beautifully and although a little more investment on the front end, it SAVES in the long run on energy efficiency.  

Check out websites such as HOUZZ and Pinterest for furniture arrangement and color schemes that better serve your lifestyle.     

If a clean and simple aesthetic appeals to you, you may be visually weary of clutter.  That's a free fix - start throwing away!  Be brutal.  If it doesn't make your heart sing, get rid of it as quickly as possible.  

Those few family heirlooms that you cannot get rid of under any circumstances, will be better showcased in their decluttered environment.  

#3 - Make It Happen

Hey, we've only got one life to live.  Don't do it in a sad home.  If your living room doesn't welcome guests, if your bedroom isn't relaxing - you now know what the problem is.  

Now all you have to do is make it happen.

Make an appointment with a lighting consultant.  

Turn on your computer and have fun doing some HOUZZ or Pinterest research.

Start de-cluttering.  Put on your work clothes and start throwing out.  

If you've always wanted a dream home and you notice you're jealous when you see it in a magazine or television or online, I can help you.  Yes, I can cure you of house envy.  

Let's talk about what it is your envious of and how we can bring the solutions into your home.