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5 Things You Need To Get Rid Of In Your Living Room NOW

Everyone wants their living room to be comfortable for family and welcoming to visitors. However, there are some common mistakes that defeat those goals no matter how good you're doing in other areas.  In my years in this business, I have seen these mistakes and I can help you identify a few and easily deal with them right now.

Fake Plants

I mean, if you still have them.  Very 1990's - or even 80's!  What happened to us?  We wanted to bring the outside in, but the inside wouldn't support the outside?  We needed something in that corner and didn't have enough imagination to think of anything else besides a fake ficus tree?

Not every surface and every blank space must be filled with something.  Sometimes blank space is okay. Hey, I'm doing you a favor!  Now you don't have to worry about how to dust that junk anymore.  

Entertainment Center

It's the 21st century.  Ninety-five percent of American homes own a television.  It's not a dirty secret that you have to hide.  Chances are, you rarely close the door on them anyway.  And you have to stress about how you're going to fill in all the other spaces on that monstrosity.  Once again, I'm saving you some dusting.  You don't have to climb a ladder to hit the top of that bad boy or worry about what's up there that you're not seeing.  And if it's got fake plants on top of it, well, you know where they're going.

Family Portraits

I know your family is lovely and I'm not suggesting that you not show them proudly somewhere in your home.  But in the most important room of your home, let's make a statement of not only how beautiful you are, but what a stylish and lovely home your guests are entering.  Move the large collection of photos of your nearest and dearest elsewhere.  

Oversized Furniture

Homes got bigger and it seems furniture manufacturers decided they must design ever bigger furniture to fill those bigger spaces.  It's awkward and raw.  It lacks refined style.  We can do better.  Just because you have a big room doesn't mean you have to fill it with big stuff.  And by all means, if your room isn't spacious please ditch now any stuff that's crowding the room. You don't want the first impression of your room to be "Wow, that's a big armchair!

Ship Lap

Y'all, I have to admit it, until just a few months ago, I didn't know who Joanna Gaines was.  Yes, it's true!  This is my work, my livelihood.  I watch other things on television besides HGTV and the like.  Ok, I understand this lady is popular and that cottagey look is her style.  I'm not knocking it.  I'm just saying that because she's "on the TV" as my grandmother would say, doesn't mean her style belongs everywhere.  

If you liked this post on what to get rid of and now you're freaking out over what to replace these items with.  Not to worry.  I'm going to tell you that next week.  If you want to be certain not to miss it, be sure and like my Facebook page so that you'll get the notice as soon as it posts.  In the meantime, enjoy your cleaner room for awhile.