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5 Emotions You'll Go Through When Deciding To Hire An Interior Designer

Several emotions are common in the process of finding an interior designer that suits your needs - some of them good and some of them not so good.  There are five different stages you'll go through and I can describe each one.  

Which stage are you in right now?  Read on to find out.



You are building a home and there are an unbelievable amount of decisions to make!  Hardware, plumbing, lighting, paint or paper, colors, flooring, windows, doors...  And the contractor needs those decisions yesterday.  What happened? This isn't the joyous experience that you imagined...

Or maybe your home is already built. As you walk around you're befuddled about what it is that it's lacking.  It's kind of okay, but you know something's missing and you just can't put your finger on it.  

You want the home you see in magazines or that your friends have - that stylish home that's comfortable and perfectly suited for the lifestyle of the family lives in it.  

But you have no clue how to make that happen and the more you think about, the bigger the headache.


You've decided you need help in making all of this come together, but this phase is almost worse than the first - how do you find that help?  HGTV?  The internet? Magazines?  Your neighbor?  

Where do you find the help you know you need? As you peruse magazines or the internet or watch television, the discontentment only mounts.  

Once you decide that you need to hire an interior designer, how do you find the right one? More confusion!


You found your designer and both of you are ready to tackle your project.  If you've done your homework, you are now in the capable hands of an experienced professional.  

This feels pretty great, so you think you can now relax and enjoy the process!  This is heady stuff! Whee!


Uh- oh - now fear raises its ugly head. What of all of those doubts you've always had about interior designers? (Bop on over to my blog post from a couple of weeks ago to see if yours is included.)

  • What if your interior designer takes over and you end up with something that in no way reflects you, your family or your tastes?  
  • What if this is some kind of snooty person that doesn't listen to you?
  • What if they want to toss out some of your prized possessions?  
  • What if it costs too much money?  

And so on.  Doubts turn into misgivings about this well thought out decision you've made.



Once you make the leap to hire a designer and locate the right one for you and the project is completed, you are surprised! That's right - surprised to learn what a painless process it actually was!

You worked through all of the other emotions and made it to the other side, and hopefully had some fun along the way. You are now left with a home or workspace that is perfect for you.  The biggest surprise of all is why you didn't do it sooner?

So, did you discover what stage of the process you're in?  If you're still in the middle, I invite you to view my portfolio to determine if we may be a good fit for each other.

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