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Secrets and Lies - Misconceptions About Interior Designers

There's so much "information" out there regarding the interior design industry it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.  All that you see on the likes of HGTV is enough to confuse anyone.  

I've been working in this industry for over 30 years.  I care about the quality of what you get when you go out to procure interior design services.  It is for that reason, that I want to knock these misconceptions out, and let you know the real deal.

Interior Design Myth #1 - An Interior Designer Will Take Over Your Home

This is one of the biggest ones I frequently hear and it couldn't be further from the truth.  The truth is one of an interior designer's primary purposes is to make your vision a reality.  Most homeowners have a good idea of what they want their home to look like, but also have a difficult time pulling all of the ideas together.  

An experienced interior designer has the inside track to sources that the average homeowner doesn't know about.  The designer has relationships with vendors that they can call on to help them help you bring the vision home - YOUR vision, not just a cookie cutter version of it.  

Interior Design Myth #2 - All Interior Designers Do Is Look At Pretty Fabrics and Paint Colors

Another one I hear frequently.  Yes, my job is fun.  Yes, I do get excited about fabulous materials and color. However, it is so much more than that.  The primary goal of an interior design project is to create a functional as well as aesthetically pleasing interior.  

To do that, they plan the flow of traffic through the spaces, the proper materials to use for the intended purpose and result, lighting and electrical for ease of use for the inhabitants - and these are a few of the many tasks your designer does.  I cannot tell a lie, selecting pretty stuff is exhilarating, but all of the other work that goes into planning a space that works for my clients is also pretty thrilling.


Interior Design Myth #3 - You Can Do What They Do Yourself

Sorry, no.  No doubt, there are many formally untrained folks with good taste and an eye for color, but an interior designer is so much more than that.

An interior designer has the resources that someone not in the business doesn't have.  They have access to trade shows and showrooms that the lay person does not.  This provides interior designers with the inside track to the latest and greatest education and exposure to trends and materials - this is all stuff you can't get from binge-watching HGTV. 


Interior Design Myth #4 - An Interior Designer's Own Home Is Perfect Magazine-Ready

Au contraire!  Have you ever heard the saying "the cobbler's children have no shoes"?  Interior designers are so busy serving their clients, they often don't have the time to work on their own homes.  Even interior designers have families and pets and live life in their homes.  For myself, I would say, there's always a pending project and somehow it's so much easier to do this job for others than it is to do it for myself.  No doubt, an interior designers home is usually a showcase of unique and stylish decor, but I imagine you'd be hard-pressed to find one who would say theirs is perfect.

BONUS!  Interior Design Myth #5 - Hiring An Interior Designer Is Too Expensive

And they winner is...This is the one I hear most often and the one that is the biggest misconception.  I contend you can't afford NOT to hire and interior designer if you are embarking on a new construction or major remodeling project.  

An interior designer will help you save money by helping you prevent expensive mistakes.  Your designer can also help you with prioritizing your budget.  They can guide you to what would be best to splurge on and where you can save.  Refer to my last blog post on Where to Save and Where To Splurge.  

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