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From Start To Furnish

Please enjoy my musings on all things interior design!

New, Now, Next

Remember Avocado Green carpets and Harvest Gold kitchens?  YUCK, right?  No one wants to be out of date in the design world.

I love my clients so much that I always make sure my business is cutting edge because I want to be confidant that it is helpful and useful to you and that we're not using outdated anything.  Here's what's new, now and next at Ambiance, so that we can serve East Texas with the latest and greatest in interior design. 


Instagram.  Well, it's really not new, but doing it right is new for me!.  I want my followers, (which I hope you, dear reader are!) to enjoy my Instagram for understanding my aesthetic.  

Ok, y'all, I'm a child of the 60's.  I'm old.  What do I know of social media, but it's all the rage in the 21st century, so leap into it, I must.  

Facebook is so yesterday.  I actually think Instagram is kinda fun.  I'm also working on my photography skills, so as to bring my followers captivating photographs of not only my work but that of others that inspire me.  If you know me, you know I love my hubby, my fur-babbies, and the beach, but sorry, no more Instagramming of that stuff.  Only interior design inspiration from here forward.  I'm excited!  

So hop onto Instagram and follow me at




I've been in the interior design business for over 35 years.  I have worked on more new construction and remodeling projects than you can shake a stick at.  Someday maybe I'll write a book about all of the funny and sweet stories, but for now, I've just written a short little guide that I hope will ease your stress if you are about to undertake such a project.  

Take advantage of my years of experience and download it here.  And please let me know if it helped you.  Take advantage of it now, because there'll be a new one coming up before long, and this one will be forever retired.  



I always want to be up on what is trending and new for homeowners.  The way I keep up is by attending trade shows.  

I saw color and new finishes and technology at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in January.  In August, I'll be in Vegas baby! for the Furniture and Home Decor Market.  This show only happens twice a year and is the largest of it's kind in the Western USA. (The last one was in January while I was at KBIS - can't be on both sides of the USA at once, so to Vegas in August I go.)  This market is always THE place to discover what's new and hot and stay up on current trends.  

I'll be attending seminars as well as strolling some of the 5 million square feet of showrooms (whew, makes my feet hurt now to think about it) to see all that's brand new.  I'll be doing live videos on Facebook from LVMKT so you can feel the excitement almost as if you were there with me.  By then, I hope I'll have this Instagram thing going better, so you can see all that inspires me.

If you want to stay up with all that is late and great, please be certain to follow my Facebook page, so as not to miss a thing.