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What Does Your Favorite Paint Color Say About You

Everyone enjoys finding out keys to their distinct personality.  Have you ever wondered what your favorite paint color says about you?  Read on and find out what you need to know.


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If your favorite paint color is blue, you are a traditionalist.  Your home is all about family and close friends.  You like it to be a mix of family heirloom antiques along with practical quality new furniture.  You're also not hesitant to make a sizeable investment for the right pieces to fit your lifestyle.  You're someone who cultivates and treasures close relationships





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If your favorite paint color is green, you are a lover of nature and bringing the outdoors in.  You are most comfortable in a home with a view designed to enhance that view.  You are a peace-loving personality and desire your home to reflect that aesthetic.  You probably enjoy aromatherapy in your home, whether it be candles or essential oils.  Your practical nature enables you to maintain an orderly household.


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The lover of red paint color is fearless.  You have a gregarious personality and strong will.  You are a lover of people and entertaining.  Your home is always popping with excitement, with just your lively family and pets or with lavish parties.  








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If gray is your favorite paint color you are indecisive.  Gray is neither black nor white.  You're a bit hesitant to make a color decision.  Gray is a safe compromise.  Your safe bet nature makes a neat and orderly, but maybe a bit emotionless home.  You probably are not going to have pets messing up the house.  You also don't display lots of family photos.  You'd rather adorn your walls with only the right decorative arts to complete your perfect setting.







If white is your favorite paint color, your interior design style leans more on the contemporary side.  You like things minimal with clean lines and no clutter.  Peace motivates you and cleanliness relaxes you.


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