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The Common Design Dilemmas You Face In Summer

Summer is a time to entertain and entertain BIG. When is birthday season? Fall. Guess what that means? Summer is baby shower season! Summer is also wedding season. Yes, it's time for big parties! Is your home ready?

There are a few design problems people come across in Summer that keep them from enjoying these celebrations as much as they should. Here they are and here's how to fix them.

1). Kitchen and bathrooms  

if you're having a big party this Summer, these are the most important rooms. If you're planning a large soirée, whether you're having it catered or not, the kitchen is the center of activity. No matter how hard you try to direct traffic elsewhere, a crowd always gathers in the kitchen. Is it as dressed to impress as you are? And are your kitchen appliances ready for this fete? Now may be the time for a facelift or the major overhaul you've been thinking of for years.
Your party guests will also be visiting the facilities. If it's a large crowd, that means all of your bathrooms as well as your powder room. For the complete success of your party, you must be certain these spaces are also up to par. You'll want to make sure everything's up to date, in working order and the rooms are as comfortable as they are inviting.

2) Exterior  

When planning the party of the century you must pay attention to every detail. Consider whether everything is clean and maintained. Look at your property with a critical eye. Walk the paths that guests will be navigating looking for spots where someone could possible trip that might need repair or lighting.  You may need to clean out flower beds, do some planting or painting, and wash the windows.  



Have you been dreaming of a fabulous outdoor kitchen?  This event may be the perfect time to make that happen.  There can be quite a lot that goes into doing that, so you can't get started on a project like that too soon.  You'll need a contractor and tile installers and selection of grills and other storage spaces and furniture.  

2). Living areas

Whether you have a formal living room or living room and den, or interior and exterior living areas, it must be ready for the task at hand, entertaining a crowd.  You must consider if you have adequate seating and if your entertaining spaces are properly planned for conversation. Consider if there might be a way to rearrange the furniture better for your daily living and/or just for this event. Plan where all service areas are going to be.  It's better to spread these out so as not to create a bottleneck in any one area.  If the guest list is WAY beyond your average, you might consider renting furniture or a tent. 


These types of entertaining events are once in a lifetime opportunities for memories to last for generations. Planning and preparing should be as much fun as the party itself. Do you know someone who has a big event coming up and needs a little help bringing their home up to par for it? Please share this post with them - I'd love to help them make their home party-perfect!