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The Surprising Design Inspiration I Got While AWAY From The Office

It's not every day that you realize that you could learn how to design a room while OUT of the office.  I know that seems odd, but it's true.  I learned some amazing facts.  Yes, we learned the principles of design in school and in books, but while on vacation?  It's true and I did.  

The colors and textures that coordinate in nature often work in decor.  Including all elements/senses makes for great design. Things are going to be messy - this space IS for living, after all! - but it can be pretty anyway.  I mean who does everything better than our Creator.  

On a recent vacation to our home away from home, while basking in the sun, with my toes in the sand, I was looking out at the ocean and counting the number of shades of blues and greens that I saw.  Cancun is one of our favorite travel destinations and the color of the water there never ceases to amaze.

If we use a photo that JR took on his simple iPhone camera for inspiration, a color palette is created that could be the catalyst to a stunning design.  

Dear clients of mine love travel to the American Southwest.  The colors and textures they appreciate on those travels inspired their recent home remodel.  A photograph of trees they purchased in their travels became the focal point for their living room.  Not only did I use the colors of the area and the photograph, but the grasscloth wallcovering adds some of the texture that the photograph inspires.  


Here's another example. Last week, I did one of my favorite tasks of my job. I took clients to the stone yard to select granite and marble for their new home. I love this because I never tire of admiring all those beautiful natural stones. It still amazes me that all of that beauty comes from inside the earth. While so many of the stones won't work for the project at hand, I still love seeing them. No museum could amaze me more. We did select one that will be the entire catalyst for the decor of the room. How fun! Recently JR and I remodeled our master bathroom and I selected a marble that now clads the floor and walls. I'm still in awe of its beauty every time I step into that room. As I go through my morning routine, I study the different pieces and find every color of the rainbow in that stone.

Wherever is your happy place in nature, whether it be the beach, the forest, the mountains...consider the colors and textures as inspiration for a fabulous living space.

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