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Please enjoy my musings on all things interior design!

My Purple Passion

A color that I'm currently crushing on and craving to use is that dark, almost black shade of purple.  Purple is a combination of the vibrancy of red and the relaxation of blue.  I've been seeing it in interiors and fashion, hair and makeup and guess what's the food trend for 2017?...purple foods!  I can't wait for my clients to jump on this trend.

Call it amethyst, aubergine, eggplant...if you want to have an interior that's on trend, introduce a little or a lot of this great color.

LOVE Benjamin Moore's Shadow

Benjamin Moore is one of my first "go to" sources for glorious paint colors.  They recently announced their color of the year, Shadow.  It is an almost black amethyst; very mysterious and dramatic.  I could see it dominating a powder room, on an accent wall in a relaxing bedroom, or just being an unexpected surprise on a built-in.





Are You Daring Enough for A Fantasy Purple Hair Color

Me neither, but it can be beautiful on the woman bold enough to carry it off.  I've seen some stunning examples that perfectly fit the personality.

In this example, we see an amethyst geode is being used for the inspiration for this beautiful hair color.  I also love geodes and amethyst is said to have healing powers.  I don't know about that claim, but a stunning amethyst geode can be right at home on anyones's bookshelf or coffee table.  







Or an Aubergine lip

If you're not so bold as to go for purple hair, try one of the new dramatic purple lip or nail colors.  This I love!  Tres chic!  OK, writing this, I want a purple lipstick.

Automotive Amethyst

In a sea of black and silver, doesn't something a little different always catch your eye on the highway.  I used to do the interiors and coordinating exterior design for motorhomes and I was always attracted to the unique shades.  Shhh...don't tell my hubby.  He'll be wanting to repaint his 1940 Ford Coupe.  





All The Fashion Designers Are Going With The Purple Trend

I'm mad for all of the shades of purple from lavender to aubergine in clothing design. There's a shade to flatter anyone.  On our recent vacation, I noticed the cutest color coordinated couple dressed for dinner in their lavender; she with a lovely sundress and him in his Robert Graham lavender shirt. I told JR it reminded me of a lavender sweater I had as a teenager.  Just a feel-good color. 







Purple Food

Last year it was cupcakes, this year it's purple food.  Foodies have latched on to the purple trend and are touting purple food.  And it's much better for us than cupcakes!  We've all learned that the more colorful our plates are, the healthier the meal.  I've read that the darker the food, the higher the anti-oxidant level.  The nutrients in purple food can reduce inflammation, cure cancer and heal your heart.  Of course, here in Nacogdoches, the blueberry capital of Texas, we know all the benefits of that little purple pleasure; everything from making us young and smart to fighting cancer and aiding a healthier heart.  So everything from purple grapes to eggplant and purple cabbage.  Add some purple to your plate for a healthier 2017. 

Purple and Gray

After the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy, the color gray was on fire and still remains popular.  If you're a little shy of purple, try it with gray.  I love the combination for a dramatically relaxing space.

















I'm On The Purple Bandwagon

And you can see it in this master bedroom I did for some treasured clients a couple of years ago.  I had to do a little coercing to get them to try a little purple but once the wall was painted, they were in love.  And it complements the deep aubergine in the mother-of-pearl tiles in the adjacent bath. Subtle and bold.






More Purple Passion

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