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How To Hire An Interior Designer

Thinking of hiring an interior designer? Not certain if you should make that leap? Maybe you know you don't have the vision or the skills or the time to create your perfect place, but you're just not sure if an interior designer would be right for you. 

A certain amount of apprehension is perfectly understandable if you are thinking of jumping into uncharted waters. You may be concerned that an interior designer would cost too much or worse - they'll ignore your tastes and your vision. 

I'm here for you, friend! Informed decisions are the best decisions, so here are some reasons why you would want to hire an interior designer - 



Develop A Plan


A seasoned professional knows how to develop a plan of action to get your project done. Although a construction or remodeling project may seem like a daunting task to you, an experienced interior designer does this day in and day out. They can easily help you bring your vision to reality.

Resources and Contacts

An interior designer who has worked in your area for some time knows the people that you need to know to make this project happen. They communicate regularly with experienced tradespeople. A designer with a respected relationship with these people is an invaluable resource. Designers also have trade relationships with the resources for materials that you will need to complete your project.

Education and Experience

Check to be certain that the interior designer that you are considering has a degree from an accredited interior design program. Anyone with a flair can hang out a shingle and call themselves a decorator, but without the proper credentials they can not call themselves an interior designer. An office space and a business card don't make a professional. You want to be certain that the person has had the training and experience or for the skills needed to help you.
The designer should have a professional portfolio either physical or via a website to display their work. You should peruse their website to be assured that the person that you are considering has a portfolio that indicates their level of experience and know-how that match your personality and desires.





Along with their education and experience, the designer you want to work with is going to have the tools necessary to get the job done. That means they are going to have color and material samples and drafting tools whether manual or computer-aided. These tools are necessary to help pull together the vision and portray it to you, the client.




Save Money

An experienced interior designer will actually save you money. The detailed process that they go through from space-planning and finishes and furnishings selection to assistance with purchasing and installation will save you from making costly mistakes.

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