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How To Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Home

A lot of people think that good design is just ripping off something they saw on Pinterest or HOUZZ.  When you do that, you create something that is soulless and uncomfortable and not you.  Today I want to teach you how to incorporate your personal style into your home design so that you can create a home that you love.  If you followed along with my video posts a couple of weeks ago about how to determine your design style, you must pat attention to the things that you learned about yourself during those exercises.


When you look at pictures of rooms that you love, and when you analyze your closet, you will see commonalities among your choices of patterns.  Whether it be a pillow or a blouse, a rug or a scarf.  You'll see that you naturally gravitate to certain patterns.  You may love animal print or florals or stripes or menswear patterns or maybe solids.  You'll want to incorporate those trends into your home design.  If you're about labels, your style is more classic.  Keep things simple yet statement-making.


Also in this evaluation that you have done of the things you love, you'll certainly see gravitation to certain colors and certain colors that you would never choose.  Me?  I love pink.  However, I have to consider my dear husband who also lives in our home.  He would not love a pink house. When it's more than you, you have to consider everyone, and that creates a unique design.  I might have the smallest touch of pink in a pillow or a piece of art.  If you notice a lot of black or other dark colors in your closet, don't be afraid to put that into your home.  A black or dark aubergine room can be so glamorous.  



Do you wear a lot of jewelry?  Or do you throw on the same pieces daily?  Reflect that into your home.  Y'all, I am all about some bling!  If jewelry is your thing then definitely put some jewelry into your home.  Incorporate the type of jewelry you wear.  If you like big statement pieces, procure some one-of-a-kind art or an attention getting light fixture.  If you like bling, go for crystal chandeliers.  Why not?  This house is your home, after all.  If you don't like much jewelry, keep it to a minimum in your home.  You're a minimalist so keep things simple and clean.  


What does your closet say about your lifestyle?  Is it full of the casualness of t-shirts and jeans?  Then your home should reflect mostly comfort.  If you've got more going out on the town wear, then you're likely a social butterfly and you want to be ready to entertain in your home.  Hubby and I love movies.  So we're all set up for the best picture and sound and comfort for movie marathon weekend.  We also love the beach, so we've got a few shells around to remind us of where our hearts are.  Lifestyle incorporation is essential to a successful home design.

Your Heart

During my "How To Determine Your Design Style" series, I shared one of my favorite quotes by the great architect, William Morris.  

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” 

During the process of determining your design style, I asked you to evaluate the contents of each room and toss it if it didn't speak to your heart.  You must do that for your personal style, your personality to be in your home.  

That's how you incorporate your personal style into your home.  If you follow these guidelines, you'll have a home and not something that looks like a furniture store.  If you want to rip off my personal style go directly to my Pinterest profile.  Or if you'd rather have a home that reflects your own style, follow me here and get more tips and tricks.  If you need help making all of this happiness happen,  give me a jingle.  

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