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5 Reasons You Need To Update Your Kitchen Now

 Some people think interior designers encourage homeowners to remodel just because they want to sell you stuff. Let's be honest here - I do like to sell stuff and my services because that keeps me in business and helps me pay my bills. A girl's got to eat! However, here are some other even better reasons why you need to remodel your kitchen.

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home and Your Heart Is Broken

In today's world, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Gone are the days when the kitchen was hidden behind a door and only the lady of the house and anyone else helping with the prepping and serving of meals laid eyes on this room. Ask anyone when they entertain in their home - where does the crowd naturally gravitate? Of course it's the kitchen! Because everyone now enjoys watching or participating in meal preparation, the kitchen is now the center of everyone's activity and socializing. So, no matter how perfect the rest of the rooms are, if the kitchen is lacking pizzazz, this will bring down the overall look.

Your Cabinets Are Worn

Warped doors, stained finishes or water damaged boxes are all reasons that you cannot delay replacing your kitchen cabinets any longer. You may be able to just get away with replacing the doors and drawer fronts. Depending on the material and finish, though, complete replacement may be the only option.
Countertops that are chipped are worn are more than just unattractive, they are unsafe. They can breed bacteria or have dangerous sharp points.

Safety First!

This is probably the most important reason to remodel. If your appliances are so old they are not safe to operate, it's time to make a change. Refrigerator/freezers are among the most common appliances that start fires. If they are old and not cooling properly, it can cause them to work harder which causes overheating. Old garbage disposers can leak and lead to mold growth. Using a microwave with a dented or cracked door can release dangerous microwaves into the home. Outdated or damaged appliances can cause electrical fires. You want a happy, healthy, and safe home, so updating is actually very important!

You Just Want New Stuff

Hey, nothing wrong with just wanting new stuff. There are updates to appliances and finishes all of the time. If your kitchen hasn't been updated in quite some time, you're missing out on so many opportunities to have the latest and greatest. I just went to the Kitchen and Bath Show last month.  Can we talk about new fabulous finishes, countertop materials, induction cooking, touch-less faucets..., and on and on.  And maybe you just don't like your kitchen anymore - you're tired of the cabinet or countertop color or finish and you just want something new. It's your home and it should bring you joy. If it doesn't, change it.


You're Not Caring For Your Investment 

Your home is the most important investment you may ever make. The kitchen and bathrooms make the most impact on the value of your home. If those rooms are not up to par, you are dragging down that huge investment. 

If you're ready to rock that brand new shiny up-to-date latest and greatest kitchen, give me a jingle.  I'd love to talk to you about it.

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