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I Really Hope The Industrial Style Goes Bye-Bye This Year

Who did it and why did they do it?  Why did anyone think that bringing the stark utilitarian look of a forgotten warehouse into the home was a good idea?  Was it Restoration Hardware? Somehow they had to pay for those behemoth catalogs that they mail.  So they started making furniture from refuse and charging ridiculous prices for it?  It's just a theory on my part.  I don't know if that's how it started.  I'm not certain exactly who, or why it started, I just want it to stop, please.  It's depressing me.  When I look at one of those rooms, I feel like I've lost my mind and am a permanent resident of the cuckoo's nest.  Here are just five reasons why it's so unbearable.

It's Cold

All of the metal and concrete and shiny is just not warm and comfortable looking. Maybe because it's winter as I write this, but just looking at a picture of an industrial room makes me cold.  Black and gray and shiny metal...brrr.  A comfortable room needs some warm color and soft surfaces.  



It's Too Stark

It's just too hard and bleak. Who wants to live in a factory or a hospital?  It's just depressing.  

Everything's Too Hard

Hard surfaces are uncomfortable.  I don't know about you, but if I have to sit in a hard chair for any length of time, my tush is going to sleep, my back's going to start hurting and I'm going to lose circulation in my legs.  Softness equals comfort.  Some soft surfaces are essential to relaxation.

It's Too Loud

Are you kidding?  Don't we all have enough noise during the day that we'd like to get away from that when we get home?  The sounds of cooking, and children, and pets, and the vacuum cleaner, and the television bounce off of all the hard surfaces and are magnified.  It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

It's Just Ugly

There's nothing attractive or bright or soft.  Metal pipes on the ceiling and nothing but metal columns separating living spaces. Dirty chalkboards.  Barn doors that look like they came from Old Lady Leary's barn instead of a lovely comfortable home.  The furnishings look like some cuckoo-head made them from the remains of a dilapidated warehouse with unfinished wood, raw metal, and vintage-looking dim lightbulbs. There's a reason the lightbulb companies stopped making those; some wise person designed better ones that allow you to read without fear of losing your eyesight.  The style reminds me of a bad scary movie where the ghost-hunters are searching an abandoned hospital in search of haints.

So what do you think?  Do you agree?  Would you like something better for your home?  I can help.  And I can even do it over the interwebs if that's the way you roll.  Get my Design Work Session here.





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