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From Start To Furnish

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Go Big With Art

In last week's blog post I gave you, my dear reader, 10 quick tips to add a designer-look.  This week I'm breaking it down into a little more detail.

So let's talk about art.  Please don't let it be a hasty decision.  Art is so important for creating a personalized look (aka designer-look).  Take some time and have fun perusing art galleries and online resources.  Reference my past blog post about buying art for some great sources.  

And as you select your art pieces, please go big.  Oversized art makes a bold statement in a room and adds the unique look you're trying to create.  No postage stamps, please.  

If you want to read the rest of these quick tips, hop on over to the whole list here.  

By the way, all of these images are purchasable via my Amazon Affiliates account.  If you click and buy, I make a commission.  Kitty-cats get food.

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