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I Am Thankful For

)I usually write posts that educate you, my esteemed reader, on the topic of interior design, but today I wanted to do a little something different.  Being that it's Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a bit of a personal post.  Today I want to do that in the form of giving thanks.  

Somebody that I'm incredibly thankful for is my business-bestie, Janet Paneitz.  Janet does an incredible job bringing the drapery and upholstery dreams that are in my head to reality.

We bring new life to family heirlooms and dress new rooms so they're ready to set the scene for new memories.

Let me be honest - while I have big dreams for draperies, I don't know how to sew.  I think I actually flunked sewing in high school! (Bless Mrs. Alders, my home-economics teacher. She had to grade that blouse I sewed with one straight sleeve and one puffy sleeve.)  Although I can't sew, I do know about fabrics; textures and fibers, what can be used for what purpose.  And I have visions of how I want to use fabulous fabrics to make my clients' dreams come true.  

That's where my business-bestie comes in. Bless Janet, she is patient and understanding with my crazy thoughts.  She helps me talk it through and somehow always figures out a way to make it happen.  We put our heads together and come up with the best solution for the room; whether it be shades or shutters or draperies or a combination.  

The red dining room pictured was a challenge as the sun comes in strong at noon when the family mostly uses the room.  It's also a lovely arched window that we didn't want to cover.  They needed flexibility.  So Janet and I came up with a three-layer treatment that has shutters that come under the arch covered by sheers and stationary panels.

Janet is extremely talented with all kinds of sewing and needlework.  Everything is sewn finished by hand with the kind of loving detail that is uncommon these days.  And then she and Sharren and Andy and I bring it to fruition and install it in my clients' homes.  I will never forget the day that we installed new window treatments in my dear friend, Linda Renfroe's home that literally brought Linda to joyful tears.

All I can say to Janet is, "you can't retire".  We have many more spaces to love.  Thanks, Janet!

Go see more of Janet's beautiful work here - and thank YOU, dear reader, for reading!


Jill Ornelas