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How Remodeling Your Kitchen Is Like Giving Birth

When people come to me with the plan to delve into a kitchen remodel, sometimes they bring me pictures or vague ideas or sometimes they have no idea.  Kind of like having a baby.  Go with me on this. 

I've not personally given birth, but I've heard many, many stories from friends and relatives.  As they tell me these stories, I can't help compare it to other major milestones, like remodeling a kitchen - something I have doctored many clients through to a happy ending.  Here's how - 

You've Got To Be Prepared

Before you have your baby, you've got to have all of the accoutrements that go with the little creature.  Bottles and diapers and car seats, oh my!  You can't bring your little blessing home to an empty nursery.

Likewise, before you remodel your kitchen, you must prepare and prepare again.  You have to decide if you want to reconfigure your kitchen layout, what appliances you want, what lighting and plumbing and countertops and cabinet finishes you want.  The decisions are monumental.  And there are no little pink-or-blue parties to help you with it all.  I come in handy here as I can assist with the layout and all of the selections.  


Not What You Expected

Another thing I've heard from new mothers is that no matter how much they studied and prepared when the actual blessed event happens, it's not at all what they expected.  

It's exactly the same with any remodel.  No matter how much you prepare, you can count on the unexpected to arise!  The more you embrace that fact, the easier it will be.  There'll be physical surprises behind the walls when demolition starts, electrical or structural issues that must be addressed.  There'll be delays due to scheduling or backorders.  Be ready for the unexpected and this process will be much easier.

It's Quite Emotional

When your little bundle of joy arrives, people go through the whole range of emotions (so I'm told and have witnessed).  There can be sadness and of course extreme joy.

Once again, it's the same with your remodel.  No matter how much you've prepared and think you're ready for the unexpected, when the surprises come, they can send you into an emotional turmoil.  You may be downtrodden at the amount of time the process takes.  A little anxiety about the money or the outcome is completely normal.  But when your beautiful new range is installed or those granite countertops that you so carefully chose are in, pure joy is the only emotion!  You'll do a little happy dance.

You Have To Be Committed

Once you've started either process, there's no going back.  I've heard mothers describe that in the middle of labor, they sometimes were so tired that they thought they couldn't do anymore.  But guess what, they all have, or none of us would be here.

Likewise in your remodel, you've got to be committed to seeing it through to the end.  When demolition starts, there's no "just put it back, I don't want to do it".  You've got to see it through to its glorious end.


You'll Be Ready To Do It Again

This is probably the one I've heard the most from mothers.  No matter how emotionally and physically painful the whole process is, they say they'd do it again.  They say, the good Lord must give you a little memory lapse of the painful part, that you want to do it again.  If they didn't we'd all be one child households.  (Thank God my parents decided to have more or I wouldn't be here.  They'd have just been stuck with one tall, stinky boy.)

Such is the case of a remodel.  No matter how much struggle and strife you go through to see it through to the end when it's done, you can't wait to embark on another.  When you lay eyes on your bouncy baby - I mean, new kitchen - you realize it was all worth it.  After you've finished the kitchen, you're ready to do the bathrooms.  

If you enjoyed this comparison, Share with your friends.  Not everyone knows what goes into the joy and pain of remodeling a kitchen, so we want them to know it's a lot like giving birth.  Plenty of people have done it, though, and you can too.

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