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The Permission Fairy

There's so much pressure to perform for your family, and pull out all the stops like Martha Stewart, and to show up and be a "perfect person" in today's society.  The last thing you need is one more thing to do.  So today, I'm going to do something shocking. I'm giving you permission to NOT deck your halls for the upcoming holidays.  Hobby Lobby does not depend on you to keep them in business.

Let's take an example from the Grinch.  If you remove all of the trappings of the holidays, guess what? They still come!  The calendar is the calendar.  (This is a little problem for me and I know others.)  It's far too easy to get so involved in a tree for every room, the baking, the shopping...there doesn't seem to be enough time or energy to enjoy the holidays, the people, your friends, and family.  And isn't that the point of the season anyway?

I'm not saying don't decorate for the holidays...well that would be downright Scroogelike.  Just keep it simple. And after you’ve put up a tree and hung a wreath, and before you do all of your shopping and cooking (still seems like a busy season) why not take this opportunity to do something for you and your home.  Give yourself a little gift that will still be there long after Santa has gone.  

If you want to honor your loved ones, why not first make sure you've got an awesome place for them to feel right at home while visiting?  Why not focus on the guest room first?  Then you've got a cozy room to honor your friends and family AND something to show for your efforts when the holidays are over.

And guess what else?  It doesn't have to be that hard.  Refer to my blog post on designing your guest room for the holidays.  I've lined everything out for what you need to think about to make your guest room the envy of The Four Seasons. 

What? You say you want it to be even easier and stress-free?  Well, within that blog, I've added a way I can take away the stress and help you get started. 

Happy Holiday season from me to you!