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Why I'm The Interior Designer Who Can Save You Money!

When it comes to choosing an interior designer for your home or office, there are literally dozens of choices. So why should you choose me? That's simple - I'm going to help you avoid costly mistakes! Unlike many people, I love space planning. and I use this skill to save you BIG money. 

If you're not in the building industry, you may not understand what "space planning" is. Space planning involves configuring the interior of a building for the optimum use of spaces to meet the unique needs of the occupant. A good planner can save you money by using minimal square footage and from making purchasing mistakes. Not a lot of interior designers do love space planning, but I do for a couple of reasons.

It's Like Solving A Puzzle

That just makes it fun for me.  I'm given a space and I'm given the requirements for what must go into that space.  I love sitting down at my computer with my drafting software and figuring out how to accomplish that.  For me, it's fun.  For a lot of other people, maybe not so much. But the planning is critical.  

Saving Money

Unless you've got unlimited funds, you probably like saving money.  Proper space planning can do just that in two ways.  It can save you building costs because you may be able to go into a smaller space than you realize.  It can also save you money by helping to avoid costly mistakes.  It's never a good idea to start your shopping without a plan.  You certainly don't want to discover that that beautiful sectional sofa you fell in love with and paid a small fortune for, won't fit.  

The Proof's In The Pudding

I once had a commercial project for a large office for a growing firm. They contacted me to help them with a major remodel and sprucing up. When I first went there to look around, I was told that they had already contacted the landlord about expanding within the building. As I looked at it, assessed their needs and did some planning, I determined that they didn't actually need extra space. They just needed to use the space they already had more efficiently. Big fat rent increase avoided!

On another occasion, I had a relative (who didn't contact me first! Ahem!) purchase a large sectional sofa for their home only to find out it wouldn't fit in the room. They couldn't return it, so they split it up and put some of the pieces in another room. A little planning first could have avoided that mistake and saved them money.

So if you're into having a beautiful, functional space AND saving money, I'm your gal.   Check out my portfolio on my website here.  If you like my Blog posts, please share.