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5 Easy Steps To A New Kitchen

This post is the final installment of my four-part series in redoing your home for a fresh new year. We've addressed your living room, your bedroom, and your bathrooms. This week we're going to one of the most important rooms of your home and probably where you spend a great deal of your time, the kitchen! They don't call it the heart of the home for nothing. Take this and a cup of tea or glass of wine into that room, have a seat and look around. Following are four areas to critique in helping you discover why this place may not be reaching its full potential.


Get Rid of Uninspiring Dinnerware

When you plate your dinner, take a good look at it and evaluate how close it comes to looking like the picture of the recipe. The job of your dinnerware is to make the food that is placed on it look appetizing. If the color or pattern defeat that purpose, consider replacing. I recently replaced our 25-year-old wedding pottery, and I'm absolutely in love with my new plain white.


Toss Appliances That Don't Work

Please stop torturing yourself with tools that don't do their job. Make a trip to a good appliance store and find out what's new. Replace those antiques with the latest and greatest to inspire some culinary masterpieces.


Resurface or Replace Cabinets

This is one of the most important areas.  Are your cabinets old and outdated?  Maybe the doors are warped or the finish is worn.  Maybe even the layout of the kitchen doesn't really work that well.  If the layout is fine but the doors are just in bad shape, you may be able to just resurface or replace the doors on frames that are still sound.  If replacing the cabinets is in the budget, now is the time to consider if the layout works the best.  

New Countertops

Are there chips in your laminate or tile countertops? While you're replacing appliances, now is the time to look into new granite or other materials for counters. 

Update Your Lighting

Do you have the proper lighting to fulfill your tasks in the kitchen? If not, have someone consult with you on how you can improve it. You may want new LED pendants over the island and under cabinet lighting to help for countertop tasks. The correct lighting will make your cooking much easier. 

Follow these tips for a kitchen that Bobby Flay would envy. Thanks for enjoying this series. If you need any help making all of this come together, please contact me here.

Jill Ornelas