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5 Easy Steps To A New Bathroom

What follows is part three of a series on how to redo your home for a fresh take on the new year. We've looked at your living room and your bedroom

This week, we're going to look at the bathroom, whether it be the master, the guest or powder room (whichever needs the most love). Grab a printed copy or take your piddle pad and visit that place. Let's look at four areas that will make a big difference in the fabulousness of this room.

Toss Outdated Products

First things first? We've got to declutter. Open the cabinets and take everything out. Throw it in the middle of the floor and get to work. Keep a small box handy for what you're going to keep. Throw out undated and unused products. Be harsh on yourself. If you haven't used it by now, chances are you won't be in the future. Toss it. We're going to refill the cabinets with only fresh and useful items.



Fabulous wallcovering in the Robern booth at KBIS 2

Bathrooms need to be painted or papered more often than other rooms - the steam and various products (hello, AquaNet!) makes for a wall surface that needs semi-regular updating. Why not choose a new color or pattern so the room is gorgeous and bright?


Replace Broken Tile

Is the tile in this room outdated and broken? Now is the time to redo. Consider going into a new year with a fabulous modern bath. You will need help for this, but it's oh-so worth it. You spend hours in this room preparing for your day - it should look and feel fabulous!


Gilded tile by Ann Sacks at KBIS January 2017.

Update Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures

Intriguing faucets at the DXV American Standard booth KBIS 2017

While you're replacing the wallcovering and tile, take a look at the lighting and plumbing fixtures. You may as well complete this makeover with the latest and greatest. Make appointments at your plumbing and lighting showrooms and have them show you the items that will best fit your lifestyle and needs for a fabulous bath, or hit up your friendly neighborhood designer (that's me!) to get a professional take on the situation.


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