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5 Easy Steps To A New Living Room For The New Year

It's a new year and the perfect time to consider revamping and refreshing your home. What follows is the first of a four-part series on how to get that done.  Let's start with the living room.  Print this or take your piddle pad (mobile device), fix yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine and relax in the living room.  Take a look around at five key areas that can make or break a fabulous room.

1 - Floorcovering - The Foundation

Get rid of the worn out rug - Your floor covering is the foundation of the room.  Now is the time to evaluate it.  If you've still got carpet in the living room, yank it up and replace it with some more permanent material such as tile or wood.  With the traffic that a living room gets, it's impossible to keep the carpet clean.  If you've already got that fabulous floor covering and it is topped with a rug, study it and decide what needs to happen to it.  Maybe it's not such a nice one, and it's gotten sadly worn over time.  Now's the time to make an investment on a good wool rug for the most important room in the house.  If you already have a great rug in your living room, now is a good time to have it professionally cleaned.  You need to do this to your good rugs periodically, and it will immediately make the room feel fresher for the new year ahead.

2 - Furniture

Worn out chair - Please let's say "bye-bye" to Paw's favorite recliner.  He loves to watch the football game in it so much it's patched with tape, and he will hardly leave it long enough for you to see it, but study what it's doing to the room.  We want him to be comfortable in his living room while enjoying his favorite programs, but we can also find him a fabulous chair that you don't want to hide under a big blanket when company comes.  While you're here, consider the arrangement of furniture in the room and if it helps accomplish what you want it to.  Is there a good view of the television for everyone?  Is the furniture around the fireplace as the focal point?  Do you have enough seating?  




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3 - Walls

Faded and dirty walls - Turn on the lights and pull back the draperies.  Has it been awhile since you've painted and there are a few spots on the walls?  While we're in here, it's an excellent time to consider a new color or maybe even a fabulous wallcovering to revive the room and make it feel new again. 

4 - Window Treatments

While you were letting in light, did you think the window treatments in this room might need to be revisited?  Are the old draperies, just that...old.  Now's the time to redo them.  You can't do everything else in this room and leave old, faded or outdated window treatments. And maybe you need a different style of treatment that's a little more up-to-date.  Draperies should be tall or even to the crown molding or ceiling. This enhances the height of the room.   

One King's Lane - Benson-Cobb, Desert Train

5 - Art

Get rid of art that no longer inspires.  When you first decorated this room, was the budget tight and you needed something just to fill an empty spot, so you ran down to the discount store and picked up something that would do.  Now it makes you sad to look at it, and you'd like something more inspiring.  Think about making an investment in one or two nice art pieces that could be the catalyst to a whole new living room.





If you follow these directions in whatever order works best for you, you will be on your way to a fabulous new living room that you will be pleased to show off to anyone.  I suggest you make a list and prioritize it.  If you need some help, I'm here.  Be sure not to miss the rest of this series on how to take this happiness into the rest of your home, by signing up for my email list.