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5 Easy Steps To A New Bedroom

Here's the second installment of how to have a new look in your home for the new year.  Last week, we refreshed your living room.  This week, we're going to the master bedroom.  Print this or take your piddle pad and march thyself to the bedroom.  I would tell you to sit right in the middle of the bed, but I'm certain you know that you shouldn't sit on your made bed!  (If not, you've learned something today and maybe what you lack in your bedroom; a proper place to sit down.  Why shouldn't you sit on a made bed?  It tears the stitching on the bedding and will wear out that fabulous treasure.  Now you know.)  

Take a look around at five elements of this room that may need tweaking to help this room be the retreat you so desire.  

1 - Toss worn out bedding

Throw out the bedding that you outfitted your bed with years ago.  An entire new ensemble will inspire a refreshed appeal to this room.  Make certain you have an excellent mattress and pillows also.  You should replace your mattress about every five years. Consider custom bedding for a real treat.  You can also find some fabulous ready-made and washable bedding if necessary.  

2 - Eliminate faded window treatments

Have the draperies been on these windows for decades?  They've been cleaned so many times they are threadbare.  Now is the perfect time to replace them with new window treatments that will give your retreat the warm and cozies you require.

3 - Replace stained and worn carpet

Your daily retreat should not have a worn out foundation.   If the carpet is stained or worn beyond cleaning, consider replacing with a luxurious carpet for which your bare feet will love you.  

4 - Bye-bye television

I know that's a scary thought for some, but try to embrace it.  Your bedroom is a place for rest.  It's the place to unplug and rewind from your busy life.  Television does not contribute to relaxation.  We want this room to be quiet.  

5 - Improve the lighting

At the end of a long day, all you want to do is curl up in that cozy bed you've created with a good book.  You want to make sure you've got the proper lighting.  Make it the right color and intensity for relaxing and reading and have it switched so it's easy to turn off when it's time to count some Zzzzs.  


Follow these tips, and you will be on your way to a bedroom that you'll never want to leave!  To be certain to see the rest of this series of a whole new home for the new year, sign up for my email list here.  

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