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How I responded to the contemporary lodge design challenge

Contemporary lodge design

Here's the challenge presented to me..contemporary lodge.  She wanted a "ski lodge" look, and he wanted contemporary. That's an oxymoron, right?

Ski lodge brings to mind oriental rugs, big fireplace, plaid, tapestry and floral print fabrics, huge chandeliers, taxidermy mounts...pretty much everything contemporary is not. 

When you think of contemporary, you think of sleek surfaces, simple lines, clutter-free spaces and abstract art.  One of these things is not like the other.  

Well, I was pleased to rise to the challenge to blend both styles to this couple's delight, without either sacrificing their vision.  I accomplished the blending of these styles by using elements of both.  To start with, they had a beautiful rural setting in which to locate this unique gem.  We took advantage of the views from as many locations throughout the home.  

  • We used natural textures like wood and stone that suggest the lodge look and blend the home with its surroundings.  
  • We also used soaring windows often seen in lodges, but instead of dressing them in heavy draperies, we opted instead for simple shades.
  • For contemporary, we used clean-lined furnishings and abstract art.  
  • We add bright metals and flat-front cabinets.
  • At the fireplace, we used a stone surround as would be seen in a lodge, but dry stacked symmetrical stone.  Instead of a traditional fire, we used a modern Bioethanol fire simply for its ambiance.  

The result of this blend makes for a comfortable family home that fits within its setting is dressed to impress.

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