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A Love Story

My husband turns 60 today. He won't let me buy him a present.  So here's his gift. This is a love story. 

This man came from humble beginnings but had a passion in him that took him far.  He was the youngest child of six growing up in rural Kansas.  At a young age his father taught him to play guitar.  As boys will do some rambunctious play resulted in a hand injury that put an end to playing the guitar, but the love of music was in him and so he learned drums. And the beat went on and on and still goes on.  His family tells me of him beating on the radiator in their home until he dented it.  His father bought him a child’s set from Montgomery Ward that he beat to its death. As a teenager he learned more about playing in school and from an older relative. He got into a band and was earning money doing what he loved at a young age. He was able, on his own, to buy his first drum set and first truck to get him to gigs. 

His talent got him out of Kansas at a young age.  He toured the world with a show band in the seventies and eighties. From here he was discovered in Dallas by a country music group and moved to Nashville. He had an illustrious career in Nashville playing for many country music stars.  The highlight was when he toured with the Kenny Rogers Coward of The County tour in the eighties. 

A Love Story

One day I will write a tome of all the crazy “life on the road” stories he's told me.  Like playing with a jukebox at a strip bar, or the time the airline lost his drums and he played suitcases, but for now I’ll suffice with the story of how he's blessed my life.

I moved to Nashville in 1982 after graduating from college. While there, I went to O’More College of Design.  I had met JR some years before, but one night my roommate and I went to hear some live music at Cajun’s Wharf, a place where you could always count on that, back in the day when there was live music. JR was playing that fateful night with a band organized by Naomi Judd’s husband, and a former member of the Stamps Quartet, Larry Strickland.  I had not seen him in years. He came over and spoke to my friend and me. A few days later I got that phone call and before I knew it, this cute man was standing at my apartment door picking me up for dinner and a movie. And the rest is history.  He was on the road a lot during those days. He would call me every night.  On one of those calls my heart jumped into my throat when he told me he loved me.  (Sorry for the sappiness).

A few years after we married, we moved back to my hometown, Nacogdoches.  Now he is able to show the extent of his talent by playing the music he really loves, jazz. 

I gotta wrap this up.  This man is a blessing to me.  He has supported me in my career.  He stood by me during those late night design school projects.  He gave me my first bottle of Dom Perignon champagne when I passed the NCIDQ (interior design qualification exam). He helped me start my business and still helps me whenever I need him.  He makes me laugh.  He continues where my Daddy took off, by spoiling me rotten.  

We live a blessed life in the hands of our Heavenly Father. He's given us so much, great families and friends and sweet fur-babies.  We thank and praise Him daily.  Happy birthday, JR!  

I love you!

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