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Relax! 5 Tips For How To Keep Your House Clean With Pets

How To Keep Your House Clean With Pets

According to the Humane Society of the United States approximately 65% of American households include a pet.  The White House itself has been one of those since George Washington. We pet owners consider our pets to be a part of the family, loved as much as any other family member. But there are certain challenges to keeping house with all that fur and energy. Well, relax. Your fur babies can live in your lovely abode with keeping a few things in mind. 

Helping the pet love the home

(1) Pets, like all of the other family members, have to learn the rules of the household.  There are certain places they are allowed and certain places they're not. Just like children, we know they're likely to be sneaky and misbehave when we're not watching. There are all manner of pet proofing gadgets that train them without you. That way they don't relate the punishment to you. 
In return for their good behavior they should be rewarded with their very own beds and toys.  

(2) Diligent grooming and baths will help in controlling the amount of hair and dirt to deal with.   As part of the grooming routine trim nails to minimize scratching.  I also recommend SoftPaws to manage nails.

Helping the home love the pet

(3) Hard surface flooring such as tile or wood is much easier to keep clean of fur than carpet.

(4) I recommend a Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner for daily easy floor cleaning. 
(5) The best choice for upholstery is aniline dyed leathers that won’t show scratches as bad as cheaper leathers or vinyls. Microfiber fabrics are also a good choice for clean ability.  

Our pets are such a blessing.  They give us unconditional love and bring us joy.  Help them fit right in to your home.  

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