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How To Dress Your Bed Like A Pro

How To Make Your Bed Like A Hotel - Lifestyle

You want to create the bedroom that dreams are made of.  Why shouldn't you have as luxurious a bed as the Four Seasons?  You must first consider your family and lifestyle.  Are you looking for a sexy boudoir, relaxing or family-friendly?  You can create a luxurious bed for any of these lifestyles.  This decision will be the crux of the other decisions to come.

If young children or pets are going to be welcome in this room, considering maintenance will be essential. Everyone know pets should not be welcome in the bedroom, but all fur-baby parents know we want them close at all times.  When children bring Mom breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, we don't want Mom stressed about a spill on the comforter.  

When a boudoir or the ultimate sanctuary is your goal, the sky's the limit.  Use silks and custom bedding.  We're not concerned about maintenance, just the ambiance.  


How to Make Your Bed Like A Hotel - Covers

After you've gotten the perfect mattress and a nice mattress pad to protect it, the first step is a really nice set of sheets in 100% cotton.  Try bamboo sheets also.  They are buttery soft.  Next, what are we going to top those fabulous sheets with?  Of course comfort in your room is the most important.  Consider personal temperature preferences.  Hormonal women understand.  If those temperatures change with the season, keep in mind seasonal variations to the bedding.  That would be a warm comforter for cool temps and a lighter coverlet for warmer ones.  When making the bed fold the other at the foot for added interest and texture.  If you're not going to have the coverlet or duvet folded at the end of the bed, opt for a bed scarf that just lays at the end of the bed or a long pillow.  Any of these add visual interest in breaking up the expanse of the primary cover.   

How To Make Your Bed Like A Hotel - Pillows

Oh, my!  Men - cover your eyes and ears.  In my experience, men despise mounds of pillows, but who cares.  The military style bedspread with just the sleeping pillow tucked in, is boring.  Pillows equals cozy and luxurious.  Aside from your sleeping pillows, you'll want to add another pillow for relaxing on when reading and just a couple of decorative to add interest when making the bed.  In other words, you're going to end up with layers of pillows; 26" square Euro in the back, coming forward with the sleeping pillows and then some decorative in front, totaling an odd number (because everything looks better in odd numbers).  It all depends on your style.  Less is more for a more sleek contemporary look.  The more, the merrier for a super luxurious feel.  

How To Make Your Bed Like A Hotel - Sources 

Finally, where are some of the best places to find your bed clothes.  Be sure and reference this mood board for suggestions of texture and color.  For inexpensive cleanable covers, I recommend Pottery Barn.  You can find some attractive matelassé coverlets that you can throw in the washer and dryer.  For some more luxurious bedding, Horchow carries a wide variety in some amazingly dreamy fabrics and styles.  I love the crisp designs of Peacock Alley, and they offer monogramming.  For luxury at it's finest look at Frette.  They are a centuries-old Italian company.  They have a little quiz on their website which helps the consumer find their style.  Be ready, as you can imagine, their products have a hefty price tag, but if you're willing to splurge, look no further.  Matouk has a neat little online visualization tool.  For whimsical pillows to add interest to the made bed, there are lots of choices including Joss & Main, Wayfair and the pillows I added to this mood board Ugg.  To really create the ultimate unique designer bedroom, custom-made bedding is the way to go.  Forget boxed sets.  Custom bedding has no limits on originality.  Every fabric and style is specifically curated for your room.  

If you need more help and want to talk about custom bedding let's talk.