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How To Easily Redecorate from Frightful to Delightful

How To Decorate A Home That Needs Some Love

That's a question most second or third owners of homes are asking.  You've bought a home that someone else had not done a great job with.  You love the home (the "bones" if you will), but it's such a disaster.  Where do you start?  Let me take you on a journey to show you the way.

The second owners of this house were frustrated with how to help it.  The previous owners had not done right by it.  On my first visit, I was shocked at the amount of fake green marble tile and gaudy wallpaper prints that just kept going on and on.  The first thing I knew was the unsightly green tile had to go. Trying to cover it up was not an option.  No one makes a rug that ample. Thankfully, the arduous task of removing the funky wallpaper had already begun before my arrival.  The first step - eliminate what you know is bad. Start with a clean slate.

They Didn't Know How To Decorate This House

The couple felt overwhelmed with how to help the house.  They just knew it needed some serious attention.  They were not even certain in what style to design it.  They had some superb collections, but this was not the setting to do them justice.  The homeowners like to travel and love the Southwestern part of the United States.  In fact, they have a lovely artist photograph from that part of the country that we decided should be front and center in the design.  So I suggested we interject the warmth and texture of the Southwest into their home. The second step is to interject your personality into the home.

How To Decorate This House

After removing the bad, we started bringing in the good. We replaced the tile, which ran through all the public rooms of the house, with a light neutral beige tile.  We highlighted it in the entry, kitchen and breakfast room with some natural stone inlays.  Then we brought in the colors of the Southwest that complemented their art.  Red grasscloth in the dining room. Beautiful striped red and gold-toned draperies in the dining room and living room.  We replaced ill fitting furniture in the small living room left by the previous owners with just a small sectional.  It had had too much furniture in it and was hard to navigate.  Now that room was a usable space and open onto the entry.  Also, that beautiful photograph has a front and center location over the mantle.

We redid their master bath with some intricate Mexican tile work to warm up that room.  We gave the master bedroom some texture with a Navajo rug and grass shades on the windows and also provided the couple with some seating in front of the bay window for an ideal reading spot. 

In perusing, a local antique store I came across the perfect old washstand that we could repurpose into a vanity for the powder room.  It already had a tile backsplash in our color scheme.  I found a fabulous bronze vessel sink to put on it and a striking mirror, and sconces to put over it.  We glazed the walls in a vibrant red color.  Now a humdrum small powder bath is a spot to be proud to show their guests.  

Aside from the new flooring, the kitchen was also given a facelift with refinished cabinets, beautiful tile backsplash and a unique granite for countertops.  

When faced with a project like this it can seem overwhelming at first, but we used some of what the homeowners already owned with a few new additions to transform their house into a fabulous home in which they are now proud to entertain friends and family. 

Do you have a home that needs a little love and need some help?  Let's talk.