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Should I reupholster Or Buy new

Is it worth it to reupholster?

Well there are some ways to determine the answer to that question.  When you factor in labor and materials it can be expensive to reupholster, but then nice new furniture is expensive also.  So which way to go?  You've got a few things to ponder. The bottom line - is the piece worth saving.

If it's a family heirloom you should reupholster.

Is it a family heirloom?  Then definitely, yes.  

This chair was in my grandparent's home and then my parent's home.  It probably dates to the early 1940's when my grandparents built their home.  It could very well be Baker. The picture on the left was the original silk fabric.  It is now a guest chair in my office.  A client once teased me on the shoddy condition of it and that's when I decided it was time to redo.  I love pink and it's in my office.  Super sturdy silky fabric now with rhinestone buttons (I also love bling). Definitely worth it!

Is the frame in good condition?  Then that's worth considering.  

If it's good furniture, you should reupholster. 

Do you know it came from a quality manufacturer? That would be from Henredon, Heritage, Bradington Young, Hancock & Moore, Hickory White, Hickory Chair and Baker.  What sets these apart.  Quality construction and amazing style. That is definitely worth reupholstering.

Have you already found the perfect fabric that completes the design of the room?  When you buy new upholstery pieces you don't have to select something off of the showroom floor. You can order it in the fabric of your choice. It is less expensive to select a fabric from the manufacturer's choices. But often those choices are limited and you can't find just the right fabric.  You can buy your perfect fabric from the fabric company to ship to the furniture manufacturer to put on your new sofa or chair.  Now we're really getting spendy. If you already have a piece you love, put that great fabric on it.

The perfect fabric for the design of the room for my client's in their historic home.  Definitely worth it!

If you do have a great piece that's hard to part with, because of sentimentality or inherent value reupholstering is the way to go.  You probably wouldn't be able to replace the piece by buying new.

Whichever you decide, I can help you.  Give me a call.