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How to live a beautiful life

Live a beautiful life

"Have nothing in your homes which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful".  Wise words to live by from a design genius, William Morris.  Morris believed in the power of bearuty to transform lives.  How much more peace would we all have if everyone paused to appreciate beauty every day?  I was fortunate that my parents, both whole-heartedly believed in the appreciation of beauty, and they always pointed out beauty to my brothers and me.  The beauty of nature and of the wonderful creations of man; architecture and art.  "Be useful as well as ornamental".  Wise words by another genius, my Daddy.  

The challenge in how to live a beautiful life

My parents were children of the Great Depression.  They, like many people who lived then, hung on to their “stuff”.  I can only imagine what those times were like.  Everything was scarce and hard to come by, so people saved everything.  Mother loved her “stuff”.  She had all manner of beautiful collections.  I, on the other hand, appreciate the lack of.  I like to strive for living by this quote in that if it’s not beautiful or useful, I really don’t want it in my world.  And I like for my beautiful things to be useful.  I don’t want to just put them in a display cabinet and look at them.  I want to use them.  

How to live a beautiful uncluttered life

A clean uncluttered space is more productive and relaxing.  In this age of technology, we don’t need papers cluttering our desks.  Scan, save and toss.  A home with just the beautiful things that we need around us is much more relaxing than too many chotzkies to dust filling every corner.  Sound like a spa?  Who wouldn’t want to live in a spa?

Need some tough love to help you achieve that goal?  I can be that for you.

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