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A Fabulous Designer Bathroom Remodel Behind The Scenes (The Finale)

Or The Cobbler's Children Get New Shoes

Designer Bathroom Makeover - The Big Reveal!


If you've been reading along in my behind the scenes series of my bathroom remodel, you're ready for the big reveal. Missed episode one or two? Check them out here and here, respectively. 

And now, onto the finished product - my designer bathroom makeover.

Let me tell you from experience - and not just this one! - living in the house with a remodel going on is not for the faint-hearted. You just have to keep your eye on the prize. 

After weeks of dust and dirt and living with workmen and being relocated to the guest room, the result was well worth it. We now have the perfect master bathroom. Still not big, but just the right size for the two of us. 

The space we have now appears roomier and works more efficiently. 

The water closet room provides a space exclusively for the toilet. 

We decided to have a section of that glass partition custom acid-etched by Teresa Darby at Glass Castles in Nacogdoches and are pleased with the result. She did it to emulate the texture of the marble. 

We have a fabulous walk-in shower complete with a seat and two shower heads and even grab bars if needed. 


We have plenty of storage.  We have the perfect lighting for shaving or applying makeup. If we ever leave this house, I want to take this bathroom with us! 

Jill Ornelas