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A Fabulous Designer Bathroom Remodel - Behind The Scenes! (Part 2)

Or The Cobbler's Children Get New Shoes   

How Did We Go About It?

Planning a Bathroom Remodel - a Designer Behind the Scenes

Here's the next installation in my Designer Bath Remodel series. Missed part one? Go HERE to check it out -

Well, this was a very exciting endeavor indeed! First of all, I'd been thinking about and dreaming of this project for so long, that I already pretty much had it done when my hubby pulled the trigger on it. 

In my head, I had already done the reconfigured floor plan; I just needed to get that out of my head and down on paper. The reconfigured floor plan involved removing the wall that separated the tub/shower, toilet room from the rest of the space. We would eliminate the tub and replace it with a spacious walk-in shower on the other end of the bathroom. Then we would swivel the toilet around to the adjoining wall.

We would also remove all of the old cabinets in preparation for the new fabulous Robern cabinets. We would separate the toilet area and the shower with matching glass doors on either end of the bathroom. Choosing cabinet finishes was easy because around this time, my husband joined me at the National Kitchen and Bath show in Las Vegas so I was able to show him in person these cabinets of my dreams. 

The next step was getting on Gary Stripling, contractor's, schedule. When he was ready, we were ready, and demolition began.


Because the space we were working with is small, my design concept centered on both physically maximizing the square footage and visually expanding the area. One of the ways I sought to accomplish the visual expansion was to cover all walls and floor in the same material. This technique helps to make an area appear larger by not breaking it up with different textures and colors. I also planned on glass doors separating the toilet and bathing areas to expand visually. 

I went to East Texas Carpets, my go-to stop for all things tile and carpet to shop. Making those selections for mine and my husband's home was a definite switch in my routine - I'd been there many times for clients' homes, but it's different when it's your own! I told them that I was looking for a moderately priced, large-sized marble tile to cover all surfaces. From what they showed me, I took home three samples. I had secretly chosen my favorite but was prepared to go with my husband's choice. Not surprisingly, he chose the same one. We went with one foot by two-foot tile. The generous size minimizes grout lines thus making for a more continuous appearance. We also ended up running those tiles vertically up the wall making the ceilings appear higher. From a scaled-down collection of choices, I also asked my husband to select the mosaic tile that we would use for accents in the shower.

Then we both went shopping for fixtures with my friend Dwayne Shinn at Coburn Supply. That was fun. Hubby was the client. Dwayne and I explained toilet and faucet details to him as we do with everyone else. I let him choose. I let him decide the finish. Believe me, I had veto power but didn't have to exercise my right!

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Jill Ornelas